‘First steps’ instructions for using the Splento App It’s an amazing app - and so simple to use - but in case you need a helping hand, read on.


If you’ve been sent an email from your child’s school or summer camp stating that they will be using the Splento App to record photos of your child’s experiences there, you may be wondering what it is all about.

The Splento App is a way for you to see your child’s memories as they create them, but it is new, and you have probably not seen anything quite like it before.

This guide is here to help you take your first steps in logging into the app and starting to use it. You may have seen the App described as a beautiful, yet simple to use, online photo album. It is this, but it is also so much more, as you are about to discover.



Needless to say, with state of the art security built-in, it is the most secure place to store and view your most precious photos.

In this guide, we will be going step-by-step through each main area: 

    • Sign-up
    • Adding extra children
    • Adding another invite code (from another school/organisation)
    • Uploading and taking photos & video
    • Creating an album
    • Sharing (with security)



The school/summer camp/extracurricular club that your child attends should have sent you an email or letter with an invite code – keep that handy, as you will need that in a moment. 

Sign-up for Splento

    • Go to app.splento.com, and select sign-up. Now, the exciting part is about to happen. 
    • Enter your details as requested: First and last name, email address and password of your choice. Select ‘Create’.
    • Add your child’s name. This can be their full name, or first name, or even a nickname. Select ‘Continue’. (You can bypass this stage for now and complete it later).
    • Now enter your invite code. This is to ensure that the pictures that the organisation takes of your child will be sent to you. (Alternatively, you can skip this stage for now). 
    • When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to take a photo of your child. For security, this needs to be a live photo, not a snapshot of a picture of them. When taking the photo, they will need to do a little nod or shake – we’ve added this feature for safety. (You may skip this stage for now and complete it later).



  • Confirm whether or not you allow other parents – whose children attend the same school/summer camp as your child – to see these photos that your child is in*.
  • Confirm whether you give consent for the organisation to use the photos that they take (with your child present) in marketing materials (website, social media etc).

*To clarify, other parents can only view photos of your child if their own child is in that photo as well, but only if you consent to this.

App permissions

Adding extra children

  • At the bottom of the screen is the control panel; select ‘Profile’. 
  • At the top of the screen, under ‘Account Settings’, select the ‘Family Members’ button.
  • Under ‘Children’, you will be able to select ‘+ Add Child’. 
  • Once you’ve done that, follow step 4-7 from the sign-up steps.**

**Depending on the age of your child, they might not be old enough to go to school, and this means they will not have an invite code, which is fine. You will still be able to add your child, all you have to do is select ‘Skip’ on the ‘Add Invite Code’ page. 


The Splento App Control Panel

App - Control Panel


Adding another invite code

Many children won’t just go to school, they might also attend a sports club or even go to a summer camp. If these other organisations also use the Splento App, it means they will also send you an invite code for you to receive the photos of your child. Here is how you will add an additional invite code:

  • Go to your ‘Profile’ (from the control panel).
  • Select ‘Family members’. 
  • Select the ‘Edit’ button next to your child’s name.
  • Select the blue button with the words ‘+Add Invite Code’ and enter the code you have been given. 


Uploading and taking photos & video

  • From the control panel, select the middle button ‘+Add’
  • You now have two options:
    • Select ‘Photo Library’ – to choose an existing photo or video you wish to upload.
    • Select ‘Take Photo or Video’ – to switch on your device camera and take a new image/video.


Creating an album

On the control panel, select ‘Albums’.

  • Select ‘Create album’.
  • Add the name you want to call this album, i.e. ‘10th Birthday Party’.
  • Select ‘+Add Media’
  • You can now select photos already uploaded to add to this new album – select them and ✅will indicate the image is selected. You may select multiple images. When you have selected all the desired images to add, select ‘Add’ (top right corner) and they will be put into the new album for you.
  • Alternatively, select ‘Upload photo or video’ and you are presented with two options:
    • Select ‘Photo Library’ – to choose an existing photo or video you wish to upload.
    • Select ‘Take Photo or Video’ – to switch on your device camera and take a new image/video.

App - Select images to add to Album

Sharing photos with others

There are two different ways that you can share your photos with friends and family:

Method One – Sharing all photos of a particular child with a family member:

  • Go to your ‘Profile’ and select ‘Family Members’. 
  • Select ‘+Invite’.
  • Add the family members that you want to. 
  • Next, you can choose their relation to all your children* and edit the access permissions**
  • Finally, select ‘Invite’ (top right corner). You are then presented with options for sharing the invite. For example, you can copy the link and send it via email or any messaging platform. 

App permissions



Method Two – Sharing a selected album:

  • Click on an album that you have created, i.e. ‘10th Birthday Party’.
  • From near the top of the screen, select ‘Share’. 
  • Ensure ‘Create a Link’ is selected.
  • Choose the permissions# you wish to grant the person you are about to share the album with. There are three options.
  • Select ‘Copy link’ and send this via email or any messaging app.
*Today, the shapes and sizes of families are wide and varied; this means that a parent might have two children with different mothers/fathers. When adding a grandparent, for example, you have the ability to share images of one child, but not another – or both if that is what you wish to do. The App is as flexible as you need it to be, but will never share any image you do not wish to share.


**You have three options for permission level:

    • View Only
    • View, Comment and Like
    • Collaborate


If you do have any more questions, you can check out our FAQ here, or contact Splento anytime, via message, phone or web chat

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