Exploring the Splento App for Sporting Clubs Some of the key benefits the App has to offer your sports club


Many businesses have problems that are as diverse as they are numerous. Separate solutions, meanwhile, can be costly, at best inconvenient, and in the worst cases, even clash with each other.

In an ideal world, business solutions come as a package, are streamlined, and are compatible with one another. This means fewer procedures (which makes all our lives easier) and lends itself to increased efficiency.

Sports clubs are no different from any other business; indeed some would say running a sports club is more of a challenge considering your clients (the maxim ‘never work with children or animals’ comes to mind).

The Splento App is one such solution, combining problem-solving services for several business challenges and wrapping them up into one easy to use, intuitive package.

It has been designed to specifically solve some of the more common problems of sports clubs, schools and other child-oriented businesses.

Some of the features of the App help assist with data (photo) security and parental engagement, but in solving these challenges, it also helps you with your marketing issues, as they are not as separate as may first appear.

Here, we will explore the following:

    • Safety and Security
    • Marketing 
    • Parent engagement 
    • Price


Splento App for sports clubs


How secure is the Splento App?

In our eyes, privacy and security are top priorities, because we understand that many people, especially parents, have very real concerns about child safety and the problems of hacking, stolen images, etc.

Not only has Splento incorporated incredibly strong security into the App, but we also never, under any circumstances, share or sell client data to third parties, which is another common source of data/photo abuse.

We have made the App secure from the very beginning of the parents’ journey as they enrol and become an App user.  Signup includes a highly secure triple authentication process, and they also have full control at all times of who images are shared with (if anyone at all).

To begin with, the sports club must send an invite code to the parents, and only using this code can parents sign up to the club’s image sharing. This adds yet another layer of security.

In this way, photos that the sports club takes will only ever be sent to the parents of children who are a part of the club.

To ensure that photos stay private, as approved staff at the club take photographs, they are not saved on their devices; something very different to other social media platforms. This not only protects the children,  but staff as well; they cannot inadvertently leave photos of the sports club members on their device.

The only people who will have access to see and comment on these photos are the parents. Giving the control to parents keeps the photos secure; they are the ones who can decide if they want the images shared with anyone else, such as their family and friends. 


Sports club and Splento


How will the Splento App help with marketing?

Promoting your sports club is an ongoing task throughout the year; even if membership is full, you still need to keep awareness up (and, preferably, a waiting list to join). 

An important part of the marketing process is advertising (on websites, social media posts, etc) the many wonderful activities that members get up to during training, as well as the games that they have played, or events they have competed in.

At the moment, when a parent sends their child to a sports club, they will usually have to sign a consent form stating that the club may use photos of their child for marketing purposes. This manual system is time-consuming, and a challenge to maintain, as the marketing team has to go through files to double-check whether a parent has given the green light, before using each image. And this problem only multiplies for large team photos!

However, you will not believe how much time you will save on administrative tasks such as this, as the whole consent procedure has been built into the digital system we have created within the Splento App.

Parents can choose whether to give permission for the sports club to use photos of their children, for marketing purposes. When photos are then taken and uploaded to the system, they are automatically sorted according to whether the parent has granted ‘marketing use’ consent, or not. If they have, the image is delivered to the Marketing Team’ folder for future use.

If permissions have not been granted, then the image is shared with the parents only. 

FOr the marketing team, this is a gold mine. When they require an image, they need only scroll through one central folder for the ideal shot. And since any image they find in that album already has permissions given, then there is no cross-checking paperwork involved. If they can see it, they can use it.

This is not the only benefit the sports club account enjoys; as with any album on the App, when choosing what photos they want, the marketing team can filter the search results, using various options. 

Not only that, but on the sports club account, the team will be able to create different albums to separate where the photos will be used, such as website photos, social media photos. Or they can create different albums depending on what is happening, for example, training photos, live matches, team photos, etc.

Finally, the sports club will no longer have to worry about all the blurred and low-quality photos, as the system makes it easier to find the best photos in no time at all. 


Splento App for sports


How does the Splento App help with parent engagement?

Having support from parents is very useful when it comes to child development, and when a child is involved in sport, they learn the importance of teamwork; of patience, of training skills paying off, and much more. These are all lessons and qualities that parents love seeing.

Parents enjoy having the opportunity to see what their child is up to when they are training, and even more so for live games, however, it is not always possible for them to be there. 

Using the Splento App, sporting coaches will be able to snap photos of the training, games, etc. and upload these memories for the parents. For any unable to attend, this is a much loved and requested feature.

But engaging parents through the photos does so much more than simply keep the parents happy. Having a strong and healthy relationship with the parents can help when it comes to marketing.

Parents finally have the chance to see what they are paying for (in club fees) through the photos that are taken and through the App (if they choose to), they can share these photos with family and friends who might also then want to send their child to the same club.

Parental engagement helps marketing in many ways. For example, through the master account, the sports club will be able to see how much the parents are engaging with the Splento App

Sports coaches will also be able to see which photos parents prefer – so not only does ‘uploading more of the photos that parents will like’ push for amazing engagement, it will help the sports club know what to upload to engage new parents as well.


How much does the Splento App cost?

A very good question; and this, of course, is the moment you’ve probably been waiting for.

You’ve just read about some of the amazing benefits that your sports club will receive when using the Splento App, and you might also be thinking that it’s going to be rather costly.

As much as it’s nice to be right, you would actually be wrong!

The Splento App is completely free. This is because when it comes to sharing the memories of children falling in love with sports, creating new friendships, and learning new skills, you can never truly put a price on it.

So we didn’t. 


Interested? Then why not sign up today for a demo? You’ll have the chance to experience all of these incredible features yourself.

If you prefer, you can always contact us directly instead. 

The Splento App is available to try now – for free!

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