5 activities for Summer Camps that are perfect to share on the Splento App Memories to capture and keep forever


Summer camps are a time in children’s lives where they are given the chance to grow and learn what their interests are, away from school and day-to-day life.

They do this through all the different activities that a summer camp holds, and it is these experiences, that become memories, that are perfect to capture and upload on the Splento App for parents to enjoy. (They are also ideal for the marketing team to use when promoting their summer camp when parents give consent – through the app).

There are many activities that you can do at a camp, but the following five are perfect to capture those goofy smiles and share with parents using the Splento App. 


The stage life

Many children, although shy, love having the opportunity to perform in front of people and to be able to feel the bubbling excitement that fizzes inside of them. There are a lot of activities that children can do on the stage, for example, improv and talent shows, but the big one could be seen as a dance-off.

We’ve all seen the movies that highlight the love of dancing, from Footloose to the Step-up series, and now children are welcomed in this world of dance no matter their ability, with movies such as Feel the Beat.

You will be able to capture plays, performances and dance-offs from the moment they begin. Snapping photos of the rehearsals, practices and groups choreographing their amazing dances – all the way to the live performance.

You don’t have to only take photos, but you can also include videos of the shows for parents to see, directly on the App. 


Activities for summer camp


Exploring the outdoors

The outdoors is a beautiful place where children have the chance to breathe in the fresh air and learn all the wonderful facts about nature. A fun way to do this is through a treasure hunt, answering questions about wildlife and receiving clues until they make it to the end. Not only does this give the children a chance to be away from phones and the indoors, but they have the chance to work together as a team and make new friends. 

It’s an ideal opportunity – and so easy – to show this all to the parent by uploading the photos onto the Splento App, and our facial recognition feature will send these experiences straight to each child’s parents. It’s an amazing way for them to witness the fun their child is happening, as it happens.


Getting Sporty

Many activities can be done to get the children’s blood pumping as well as having fun, with football, hockey, netball, archery and a myriad of other sports.

But for great photo opportunities, perhaps one of the best is the obstacle challenge.

Children can work independently, in pairs or groups, to complete the series of activities of jumping, running, climbing, and maybe even having to shoot a basketball in a hoop.

Snapping photos of the children taking part and working as a team will warm the hearts of many parents when they see them, and give them the chance to share with friends and family to show them what their child is up to during the summer.


Arts and Craft

Channelling the children’s creativity is a great opportunity for them to find a new interest and help them be inspired by the world of colours.

Painting, clay work, even photography, are all terrific examples of art for children – and then there are almost unlimited options for crafting.

One extra-fun summer camp activity that children love is creating firefly jars. Not only does it give them a chance to learn about reusing objects rather than throwing them away, but they also have the opportunity to pick up the paintbrush and shine the glass with glitter. 

Photos can be taken from the moment the children are decorating their glass jars, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Using these jars in the evening around a campfire where the children can actually have a chance to catch some fireflies when the stars come out will also be the perfect time to take a photo. 


Summer camp activities


Fun with Food

This doesn’t mean at the end of the day when the children are sitting down and eating dinner, but activities that include food. A really fun task is the spaghetti and marshmallow tower contest, where groups have thirty minutes to create a stable tower… and yes, you’ve guessed it – by only using marshmallows and spaghetti. 

This activity helps the children learn the importance of hard work, teamwork and planning, and trying again and again even when something negative happens, such as a structural collapse!

In addition, this challenge links with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) without the children releasing. This problem-solving challenge could start a child’s journey to a career in STEM, and being able to capture this moment to share with parents through the Splento App is a perfect way for the child to remember where this path began. 

There are many activities that a summer camp can do, and these are but five examples of hundreds that are perfect to take photos of and upload on the Splento App.

Doing this allows the children to look back at these memories and reminisce about all of the great experiences that they had at the summer camp. They might even have the chance to see the moment they fell in love with nature through the treasure hunt outdoors.

It also allows parents the opportunity to see the happiness that brightens their children’s faces and know how much fun they are having at the summer camp. It gives them the opportunity to share these images, almost as they are created, with family and friends, and all in a secure, safe way.

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