Your event photographer will thank you: Top venues in London The best places to host an event in London 2022


As an event photographer, there is little more rewarding than turning up at an event space and discovering that the venue is a paradise for photography. Event photographers in London have the luxury of working in an array of bespoke event halls – England’s capital hosts venues across a spectrum from unique to lavish. 

But aesthetically pleasing venues are not just satisfying for the event photographer, you as the event host also benefit from a beautiful London event venue. It is undeniable that you will get the best event photos if you have a fit-for-purpose setting in the background. 

And if your event photos are impressive and look appealing, then you are going to get the best satisfaction when you eventually use your event photos in your marketing strategy. Not only will your event photographer be thanking you, but you will also be thanking your event photographer when you opt for a top London event venue.

This blog will take you through 10 of the best event spaces for rental in London, which just also happen to be some of the best places that an event photographer will want to work.  


Best Places for Event Photoshoots in London

1. West Roof Pavilion, Southbank Centre

Located in Waterloo, the West Roof Pavilion in the Southbank Centre has insane views of the cosmopolitan London skyline.

This venue is suitable for meetings, workshops, networking and business dinners.

This space is particularly good for event photographers due to the natural lighting that floods from the private rooftop courtyard. 

Another positive of the Southbank Centre as a business venue is its capacity to host hybrid events.


2. Queen Mary Hall, The Bloomsbury 

Located in Fitzrovia, this Grade II listed ballroom is a real aesthetic delight. If you are after a regal air to your corporate event, then The Bloomsbury is the venue for you!

Again, the natural lighting of this venue will be a real enhancement for your event photos and will be satisfying for your event photographer to work with.

The central London location of The Bloomsbury makes it an ideal conference and events space.


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3. Bermondsey Social Club

Bermondsey Social Club is a unique choice for a corporate event given its alternate capacity for hosting club nights, but this is what gives it its charm. This individual venue can be found in South Bermondsey and is set under a railway arch. 

With a capacity of between 120-140, it is not your choice for conferences but would make an ideal spot for a small-scale convention. 


4. Bethnal Hall, at Town Hall Hotel

Located in Bethnal Green, the Town Hall Hotel’s event space is extremely versatile. From work Christmas parties to a full-scale corporate event, this venue has you covered. 

It hosts original 1930s décor and warm lighting, which will really shine in your event photos.

A unique talking point of this venue is its 4 partitions which enable it to create individual rooms, great for separating information or networking at an event.


5. Lightwells and Deadhouse, Somerset House

Somerset House can be found in Covent Garden, and boasts an almost eerie architecture that makes for excellent event photos and an unforgettable time! 

The natural lighting and unique nature of the venue work together to create excellent event photos. 

Somerset House’s central location makes it an easily accessible choice for your guests due to the great London transport links on offer.


6. The River Room, Glaziers Hall

Glaziers Hall is located near London Bridge on the River Thames. It provides beautiful views of the capital city which will be a great backdrop to your event photographs. 

The River Room is maybe one of the most versatile event venue spaces on this list. It can be used for all your conference, exhibition, seminar, and networking event needs, plus more besides. 

The LED lighting and built-in screen will be helpful for your event and also make your event photos look superb. 


7. Hall, Japan House 

Japan House, situated in Kensington, is a great multipurpose event venue space for event photographers in London to really shine. It hosts black-tiered seating for all your conference needs, but this can be stored away if you are going for a more open-plan event. 

They particularly welcome temporary exhibitions and pop-ups, so if that is you then this might be a solid option. 


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8. Player’s Tunnel and Pitch-Side, Twickenham Stadium 

If you are looking for a venue that is a little different and can stand out from other events of a similar nature, consider the venue space at Twickenham Stadium – and if you have sports lovers in attendance at this event, they are going to find the experience unforgettable. 

This venue is, unsurprisingly, located in Twickenham. 


9. Monster Bar, Rennie Vaults at London Bridge 

The Monster Bar is situated in the vaults of London Bridge so not only does this make a very visually appealing venue space, but it also means that if you host your event here then you are situating your event in thousands of years of history. Pretty cool, no? 

This venue is great for all types of networking events, team-building events and smaller scale work events. 

The exposed brickwork on the ceiling of the venue will not have you or your attendees forgetting where they are any time soon and will make for some delightful event images. 


10. Noho Studios 

Just a two-minute stroll from Oxford Circus, this Fitzrovia venue is a great choice as an exhibition space, for press releases and networking opportunities, amongst other events.

The white walls make this space a blank canvas for you and your brand to really come in and take over the space for your event! 

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