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Are museums as we know them a thing of the past? The current global pandemic has given all of us more than enough time to question our current systems in a vast range of industries. Since the infection rate has slowed dramatically, but not diminished entirely, we must adapt our lives and museums are no different. Whether you’re familiar with Virtual Tours or not, stay tuned to find out why this should be the new modus operandi for museums. 

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 1. Keeping up with the times

As mentioned, Covid-19 has consumed our lives in recent months. Not wanting to be left behind, many famous museums such as the Guggenheim, the British Museum and the Dalí Theatre-Museum have jumped at the opportunity to introduce Virtual Tours to the world. We live in a highly technological age, so keep up or lose out on customers!


2. Escaping the crowds

I think it’s fair to say most people dislike overcrowded spaces. Museum Virtual Tours allow visitors to distance themselves from the inevitable squealing children and selfie-stick fanatics. Perfect for the introverts among us, these tours give you your dose of culture and education from the comfort of your own home.


3. The Mona Lisa problem

You may know the struggle of arriving at the Louvre, eager (or at least intrigued) to see the Mona Lisa, only to be met with hordes of people, each more desperate than the next to sneak a peek or snap a photo. Even if you do manage to get to the front, you are expected to move away pretty swiftly! Virtual Tours completely solve this issue, as visitors can now view their favourite piece of art or historical artefact for as long as they want and in outstanding quality. You won’t notice the difference!


4. Freedom to choose

Virtual tours give visitors the autonomy they don’t usually get with the typical museum experience. Rather than being required to take a specific “one-way” route, visitors can take a self-guided tour of their areas of interest, whilst skipping out others they deem less gripping.  


5. Attracting a new audience

Not everyone enjoys, or is able to enjoy, the regular museum experience. Too many times I have been witness to children or teenagers bored stiff in museums – playing games on their phones to pass the time. It is also not very easy for you to visit the Musée D’Orsay when you live in the US! Virtual tours introduce a whole different dimension to the museum experience and attract younger people and those who live elsewhere to learn through technology. 


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