Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Birthday Photographer


Birthday parties aren’t a new thing – people have thrown them for years, spending lots of time and money on decorations, cakes, presents and all the trimmings to wow their guests. The 1920’s was known for its lavish parties and excessiveness when it comes to decor, venue and costume. Our desire to throw extravagant parties hasn’t diminished but difference these days is that we want to capture it all on camera to showcase to everyone who didn’t attend and remind those who were there how amazing it was. Subsequently, Birthday party photography has grown in popularity.

Roman Grigorjev, the CEO of Splento, a successful London photography startup, says that he has noticed a surge in Birthday party photography orders over the past couple of years.
“This year, the number of orders increased by 20% from last year and this percentage continues to increase dramatically. Just in this quarter we’ve had a 45% growth in kids’ Birthday photography orders, up from the previous quarter. According to recent research we underwent with our clients, the reason as to why this is because people realise that it’s impossible to relive all the special memories made at parties without good photographs. When your friends and family come together to celebrate, you want to be able to keep those moments forever; the last thing you want to be doing is missing the action yourself by having to take the photos yourself. We offer a great solution: hiring one of our professional photographers allows you to completely relax and enjoy every bit of the party, without feeling the pressure of having to get it all on camera yourself. Our experienced Birthday party photographers are guaranteed to capture everything.”

With that said, you may still be having doubts as to whether you need to hire a specialist for your next party, so here are some more reasons to give us a try:

  1. You will be too busy dealing with other things on party day

    top 4 benefits of hiring a professional birthday photographer
    Photo by Oleg Kungurov/Splento

Have you ever tried to host a party and at the same time wanting to be sociable with everyone there, making sure all your guests are entertained and keeping an eye on the kids/animals/elderly mother-in-law to make sure they stay out of trouble, whilst trying to photograph all the good bits? It’s nigh impossible, if not, stressful. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Splento takes care of capturing every single important moment so you can fly free like the social butterfly you are.

  1. You were just going to ask one of your friends to take care of the photos

    top 4 benefits of hiring a professional birthday photographer
    Photo by Alessandro Fasciglione/Splento

That’s maybe not the best idea. Firstly, they’re guests and are probably keen to have fun too. Secondly, are you sure that you want to risk having a camera roll full of blurry images, littered with tipsy selfies of said friend in charge of photos and perhaps the occasional just-about-Facebook-worthy photo? Or, do you want high-quality photos by a professional photographer and editing team for just £69 an hour? Birthday parties are special occasions for all attendees so no one will be willing to dedicate their time to taking perfect snaps that you’re guaranteed to want to keep and share with everyone you know, except your booked professional!

  1. Saving memories about special moments

    top 4 benefits of hiring a professional birthday photographer
    Photo by Anthony Griffin/Splento

You’ve had a few too many glasses of Pimms, you’ve been chatting away with your brothers new, uber interesting girlfriend, your cat knocked over the cake and now you’ve found out that you missed your niece saying your name as her first word. Hiring a photographer will ensure that you’re present for every moment, whilst capturing it on camera. A good event photographer always knows when it’s a good time to take the winning shot.

  1. This birthday party will be cherished

    top 4 benefits of hiring a professional birthday photographer
    Photo by Oleg Kungurov/Splento

Photographs are one of the best things that were ever invented. Everyone loves having photos of their loved ones to keep. We think that if you’re going to do party photography, why not do it properly? Gone are the days of blurry smartphone pics, selfie fails and moments missed – you want every single bit captured – the laugh out loud moments and the decor, food, drink and atmosphere that you’ve spent hours creating. We guarantee to capture it all and deliver it to you in the form of beautifully edited images, within 48-hours or less in your very own private, shareable online gallery. Help the feeling of joy and excitement that a party invokes live on for your guests by sending them the finished photos and they will thank you for doing so – especially your grandparents.

Still looking for the birthday party photographer? Look no further.
Here’s what our clients said about our party photography:
“I booked Splento for a birthday/family shoot with a week’s notice. The process was so easy and the price was the best I could find on the market for 2 hours! Our photographer on the day was a lovely lady who also surprised us with a birthday balloon which we used in the photo shoot. I got my pictures 36 hours later, which is super fast and they were of great quality. We will definitely book again for more family outings and more.”

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Love the service! Thank you!
The service was amazing. Our photographer was Balazs, she was friendly and happy to take pictures of all of our guests as we asked. We all had a great time and some great moments were captured. Will definitely book with Splento again. I didn’t have to worry about capturing the event as it was all done for me and in a very professional way.”
TrustPilot Review SplentoEnough said!

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