50 Things To Do Before The British Summer Ends

50 things to do before summer ends


Take a look at the calendar – it’s August already! Summer is coming to an end and you’re trying to think of ways to squeeze as many things out of these last couple of months of sun. Don’t worry, Splento’s got your back, as per; here is our ultimate summer bucket list for you to get stuck into so come the end of August you will have some of the best summer memories ever made!

  1. Go for a picnic – it’s never a bad idea to spend a day in the park with someone you love.
  2. Challenge yourself and a group of friends to put away your phones and forget about the internet for a whole day. Reconnect doing something fun in real life!
  3. Check out The Telegraph’s list of the best outdoor swimming pools and bathing ponds in the UK and go open-air swimming.
  4. Take a camera and a long walk in the nearest forest.
  5. Try something new. Have you ever tried skydiving or water skiing? You can experience both here, in little old Britian.
  6. Start a miniature plot of herbs, spices, vegetables and fruit in your flat and enjoy healthier, organic produce all year round.
  7. Book a photo session with Splento and savour your summer memories forever!

    Photo by Anthony Griffin/Splento
  8. Exercise and eat the rainbow and thank yourself later when you’re full of energy, ready for all these summer activities!
  9. Plan a big BBQ and invite all of your friends, family and neighbours – even those that you haven’t met yet
  10. Do that DIY, house or garden work you’ve been putting off all year.
  11. Join a street party! You’ll find us salsa-ing away at Notting Hill Carnival this bank holiday.
  12. Get out in nature for a whole day and night and go hiking or camping with you friends, or by yourself to find some peace.
  13. Watch the sunset and sunrise on the same day and feel the beauty of Universe.
  14. Create your own fruity smoothie or cocktail at home.

    Photo by Jean-Pierre Bonello/Splento
  15. Volunteer with a charity or other aid organisation. Go save the pandas in China, help out at a soup kitchen in Brixton or help build schools in Vietnam.
  16. Declutter your house of all the things you don’t want or need and repurpose them by donating to a charity or pitching up at your local car-boot sale.
  17. Initiate a gathering around bonfire with your friends, complete with drums, a guitar and a sing-along.
  18. Take the young children in your life to a zoo or an aquarium and watch their eyes widen with fascination.
  19. Host a movie night with your closest friends.
  20. Take a nap in a hammock, Homer Simpson style.
  21. Have a water balloon fight, even if you are over the age of 10.
  22. Leave your home comforts behind and attend a weekend festival.
  23. Pick some wild flowers and display them in your home.
  24. Write a novel about your summer adventures, NB: this requires you getting out of bed to make some awesome memories.
  25. Make healthy homemade banana ice-cream – it’s easy to make and so yummy to eat.

    Photo by Šárka Kotzinová/Splento
  26. Walk in the grass barefoot and feel the earth without any shoes on.
  27. Eat a whole watermelon to yourself and don’t apologise for it!
  28. Go to the beach and collect seashells for your home.
  29. Make an outdoor fort and sit in it, with or without the kids.
  30. Book some time with your mum and dad and take them to a fancy al fresco dining restaurant – they deserve it.
  31. Climb to the top of the highest building in your town and marvel at the view.
  32. Catch a lightning bug and make a wish!
  33. Dance in the summer rain and feel romantic with your S.O.
  34. Donate to your local food bank or animal shelter.
  35. Face one of your fears with a loved one by your side.
  36. Draw or paint a picture.
  37. Make lemonade and offer it to your neighbours, free of charge.
  38. Visit a rooftop bar at dawn.

    Photo by Charlie/Splento
  39. Take photographs of different species of butterflies.
  40. Go star gazing or cloud spotting.
  41. Put together a treasure hunt for your kids.
  42. Have an ice-cream for breakfast… and for lunch and for dinner. It is summer; ice-cream is legal.
  43. Take a road trip around the UK.
  44. Take a dip in the sea.
  45. Sit on the windowsill with a new book during a thunderstorm.
  46. Make homemade jam from fresh wild berries.
  47. Swallow your pride and drink a Slushee.

    Photo by Alessandro Fasciglione/Splento
  48. Get your family together over a board game or a puzzle.
  49. Go and geek-out at a movie convention as your favourite character.
  50. Build a summer scrap book with all your photos from summer to help you relive your happy memories come winter-time.

    Photo by Alessandro Fasciglione/Splento

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