Top 15 spooky Halloween photo shoot ideas in 2022 Spectacularly spooky sessions for your Halloween photos


As Halloween fast approaches, more of us start thinking about what we do to celebrate the season. A Halloween photoshoot is always a solid idea to get you and the kids – or you and your friends – in the autumnal spirit.

Here then is our guide to Halloween photoshoots, providing Halloween photo ideas and Halloween photoshoot tips! This guide is split into 5 sections: 

    • Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Adults
    • Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Couples
    • Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Babies
    • Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Toddlers
    • Halloween Family Photoshoot Ideas


Halloween photoshoot ideas for adults

1. Halloween craft session 

Invite your friends over for a seasonal craft session and get some autumnal photos together from the experience! Think wreath making or ghoul bunting as just a couple of ideas.

2. Eerie self-portraits

One of many potential Halloween photoshoot ideas at home, an eerie self-portrait shoot is an easy option. Set up a camera on a tripod and experiment with spooky face paint and share the results on your socials! 

3. Silhouette in the woods

The dim natural lighting in a wood setting is the peak of Halloween spookiness, perfect for a creepy Halloween photoshoot.

Halloween couple


Halloween photoshoot ideas for couples 

4. Pumpkin patch 

Pumpkin picking photos are a staple during this time of the year. Grab your partner and head down to your nearest pumpkin patch for a romantic pumpkin picking photoshoot.

5. Ghosts and ghouls 

A ghost photoshoot can easily be recreated with white cotton sheets and a foggy background for an eerie ambience.

6. Spooky photoshoot with your pet

If you have a pet, dress them up as well and bring them in on all the Halloween action. Many fancy dress retailers these days stock cat and dog Halloween costumes that you could get matching with your four-legged family member!


Halloween photoshoot ideas for babies

7. Baby in a pumpkin 

The baby in pumpkin shoot has been a common option as a Halloween photoshoot idea for babies for the past few years. Set up an array of pumpkins and sit your baby in one of them for a perfect Halloween image.

Halloween baby

8. Baby in a skeleton costume 

Skeleton baby grows are easy to find at this time of the year and make your baby look just the spooky part.

9. Baby in witches costume

Another October favourite, witch costumes are also a common Halloween option for a baby photoshoot which always looks perfectly on theme. 


Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Toddlers

10. Trick or treating 

This Halloween children’s tradition of Trick or Treating is not only great fun for your toddlers but also a great photo opportunity. Get your toddlers dressed up in their scariest costumes and capture them collecting treats with their friends.

11. Halloween food party

Set up a table with Halloween treats such as fruit gummy fangs and chocolate eyeballs, and capture your toddlers enjoying a Halloween theme feast. 

12. Toddlers in costume with various props 

Children often love to play at dressing up, so why not make it Halloween themed and inspire a photoshoot?


Halloween Family Photoshoot Ideas 

13.Graveyard photoshoot

Nothing says spooky like a graveyard photoshoot.

14. Inside an old castle

Decorate an old castle with eerie props, such as old cobwebs and bats, gather the family together and take some spooky Halloween pictures!

15. Pumpkin carving

A great family activity and a must for every Halloween, pumpkin carving is not only great fun but this craft session makes for great photos too!

Halloween family


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