Top 10 tips for how to choose your event agency and not regret it later How to find a great agency for your event


If you are planning a corporate event and need to hire an event agency, then you might be wondering what to look for in an event planner and even how to find an event planner in the first place. If so, then read on! Having been closely involved with many events and their organisation, here are our top 10 tips on how to choose an event management company.


How to choose an event agency 

1. Plan your event goals 

Before you can even consider reaching out to an event agency, you must have discussed with your team what you actually want to get out of the event. If you do not have a solid plan for your event, then there is nothing for an event agency to work with. 

2. Determine your budget beforehand 

Similar to planning your event goals, you need to know what your budget for an event agency is before you can look to hire an event coordinator. There is no point reaching out to an event agency you think is a perfect fit for your event if they are out of your budget range!

3. Consider word-of-mouth options

Do not dismiss the power of word of mouth when you are looking at how to hire event planners. Ask around in your network of like-minded professionals if they have had a particularly great experience with an event agency and, if they have, then start your research from there.

4. Look for a company with suitable experience 

There are so many event agencies out there that it can be tricky to filter through which one is going to be the perfect fit for you and your specific event. You should, however, look out for event agencies that have experience planning and managing events of the same nature as the one you will propose to them. 

5. Focus on the event agency’s expertise in your initial interviews 

To put your prioritisation of an event agency’s expertise and experience into practice, make this a prominent discussion point when you first reach out to a prospective event agency. 

Event agency


6. Choose an event planner interested in your event goals 

A true green flag to look for in an event planner is when they seem genuinely excited by the plan for your event that you are proposing. This suggests that they are going to get behind your ideas and you can really work collaboratively to achieve the best event possible. 

7. Check the event agency’s references 

If you like what you are hearing from an event agency, then check out what other people have to say about them! Checking references is an essential step when it comes to hiring an event coordinator in order to ensure they are reliable and will meet your expectations. 

8. Check the event agency has the correct equipment 

This step is of course dependent on the type of event that you are hosting, but if you do require your event coordinator to provide certain equipment for your event, then you must clarify with them that this is something they will be able to fulfil. 

9. Be able to work collaboratively with your event planner to complete your goals

You must make sure that you get along with your potential event coordinator and be able to see yourselves successfully working together on your event. 

10. Choose an innovative event planner 

Although you will be putting your event ideas to your event planner, you want to make sure that they are brimming with ideas and creativity to give your event that extra edge.


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