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If you are fed up searching through Google for an ‘event photographer near me’, and your event is rapidly approaching, why not give Instagram a go as a search tool? We will admit that using Instagram for this purpose can appear daunting at first due to the vast number of photos to navigate on the site. Still, there are some simple tips you can follow to find the best pro event photographer near you and sift out any amateur photographers appearing on your feed. Continue reading this post for 10 tips on how to choose an event photographer on Instagram.

the Best Event Photographer Near Me on Instagram

How to find the best event photographer near me on Instagram – The answers

1.     Keyword search

A keyword search on Instagram is your starting point for finding an event photographer. To find a local event photographer you will need to include a location in your search, for instance ‘photographer in London’. This search is most likely to bring up professional event photographers in your area – not just amateurs.

2.     Place search

To conduct a place search on Instagram you must first ensure that location tracking is turned on in your app. You should select the ‘Places’ option that appears under the search bar. Searching for ‘photographer’ in this search bar should attract a list of local photography businesses. From this, you can click a result which will bring up a map, a location pin, and a link to their ‘About’ page from which you can glean their contact details.

3.     Hashtag search

You can find images in a similar style to that which you want for your event photos by conducting a hashtag search. Tap ‘Tags’ in the search bar, then enter relevant words such as the type of event, e.g ‘conference’ or ‘wedding’, the location e.g ‘London’ and ‘photographer’, ‘photography’ etc. This should bring up some professional event photos from which you can access the event photographer’s personal Instagram account.

4.     Tagged photos of similar events

If you find a photo – posted by someone you follow – of an event similar to the one you are planning, you can see if the event photographer is tagged in the photo and access their profile this way.

Local Event Photographer on Instagram

5.     Find a photographer’s portfolio linked to their account

When you find an event photographer’s account you can see if they are a perfect fit by clicking on the portfolio link that will likely be in their bio.

6.     Look through a photographer’s ‘Following’ tab

Event photographers follow other event photographers, so you can click on the ‘following’ tab on their account to find more event photographers in your area.

7.     Check for client reviews on a photographer’s Stories

Similar to the above point, event photographers often provide client reviews in the story highlights section of their profile.

8.     Tagged photos of your venue

Your venue will be tagged in images that have been taken there. Lucky for you the event photographer that took these photos will likely also be tagged so you can find an event photographer with experience working in the place.

9.     Search through Reels

Responding to the rise in TikTok, event photographers in your area might also post reels onto Instagram as a marketing tool.

10.  Photographers tagged in your local press

Your local event photographers might be findable through tagged photos by your local newspaper.



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