The role of music in wedding videography: Finding the right soundtrack


As a wedding videographer, have you shot beautiful wedding videos and are now in the process of putting the overall wedding video edit together? Finding the right wedding videography music is an essential part of wedding videography editing. You should use as much precision in selecting the right soundtrack for your wedding video as you would editing a documentary – after all, a wedding video is ultimately documentation of a very special personal day. 

A good soundtrack can help tell the story of a wedding and bring out the emotions in wedding videos. If you are a wedding videographer, then keep reading for some wedding videography music tips!


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Wedding videography music tips

Music selection for a wedding video can involve several steps, here are some tips for choosing exactly the right soundtrack for your wedding video. 

1. Know the couple’s taste

We all know that music is a subjective thing, and we all have varying tastes in what we like. Therefore, make sure that the soundtrack you select for your couple’s wedding video is to their taste!

When you first meet with the couple, this is a great time to open the discussion with them about the types of music they like and dislike, and what music feels quintessentially ‘them’ as a couple. You can then do some research to find music that will be a good fit for this wedding video. 

However, you cannot just lead with taste alone, as the songs selected must fit with the mood and emotions displayed in the wedding video, for instance, it’s not typically considered common practice to set the vows to house music!

2. Are your wedding clips dialogue driven?

Weddings naturally vary and therefore so will your wedding clips. Some wedding videos that you collate will have more dialogue than others. When you have several clips of significant family and friend speeches, these videos can really tell the story of the couple’s love and show the flow of their wedding day. In the absence of dialogue in your wedding clips, music can play a really powerful role in telling the story of the wedding. Opting for a romantic love song can really help to set the mood of the wedding in your wedding videography.

Wedding videos and music


3. Will lyrics work with your clips?

Going back to the presence of dialogue in your clips, if people are speaking you do not want to overlay the video with a song with lyrics, as this will distract from what is being said at the wedding and prove ineffective. For the clips where there is dialogue, you are going to want to opt for an instrumental piece as your wedding videography soundtrack. 

It is common practice to use melodic, classic pieces throughout the video and then select one song with lyrics, often an energetic pop number, during the evening reception where the clips will demonstrate guests letting loose and dancing energetically.

4. Do you have the rights to the songs?

To use music in your wedding videography, it is essential that you have the rights to use the music. The last thing you want is for your client to share their wedding video on social media and get it flagged for copyright issues, as this is serious legal business. 

Your options are to hire a musician to record music for you to use with their permission, or to locate copyright-free music online and utilise this. 

Hopefully, now you know exactly how to locate the best wedding videography music for all your creative endeavours as a wedding videographer, and you will be making cinematic wedding videos in no time!


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