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When planning a wedding, capturing the magical moments with great wedding photography is of utmost importance. Quality wedding photography ensures that your memories are vividly encapsulated, evoking emotions even years later. If you are getting married in London and want a unique blend of urban and natural settings for your wedding photos, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the best locations for outdoor wedding photography in London, ensuring your wedding album is as enchanting as your love story.

The magic of outdoor wedding photography in London

London, the cosmopolitan capital of the UK, brimming with history, architectural wonders, and stunning parks, is a dream destination for wedding photography. From elegant gardens and grandiose landmarks to rustic bridges and quaint cobblestone streets, the city’s diverse landscapes can serve as an astonishing backdrop for your pictures, enhancing the allure of your wedding photography.


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Top locations for outdoor wedding photography in London

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, one of the most iconic parks in London, offers endless possibilities for stunning wedding photos. With the Serpentine Lake as a picturesque backdrop and ample greenery, your wedding photos can achieve a serene, natural look. The park’s various architectural features, such as the beautiful Serpentine Bridge and the majestic Albert Memorial, also provide unique settings for capturing your special moments.

Tower Bridge

When talking about London, how can one miss the iconic Tower Bridge? This location can lend your wedding photos an urban, sophisticated touch. Imagine a sunset shot with the spectacular bridge in the background – a truly unforgettable memory for your wedding album.

Kew Gardens

For those seeking a magical fairy-tale atmosphere, Kew Gardens is a perfect choice. Its diverse landscapes, from lush greenhouses and beautiful gardens to unique architectural structures, provide a plethora of charming backdrops. A photoshoot amidst the fragrant blooms will perfectly capture the romance of your wedding day.


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St. Dunstan in the East

This secret gem located in the heart of London offers a blend of nature and history for your wedding photography. St. Dunstan in the East, a church-turned-public-garden, is adorned with lush flora and features remnants of Gothic architecture. This creates an enchanting, ethereal atmosphere, ideal for unique, romantic wedding photos.

Richmond Park

Renowned for its wide-open spaces and herds of deer, Richmond Park offers a tranquil, rural backdrop for your wedding photos. This location brings a pastoral charm that contrasts beautifully with the urban bustle of London.

Greenwich Park

Offering spectacular views over the city and the River Thames, Greenwich Park is another stunning location for wedding photography. Its vast green spaces, historic sites like the Royal Observatory, and charming flower gardens make for diverse and captivating photo opportunities.


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Choosing the perfect location for your wedding photography in London can be overwhelming, but it is an integral part of creating unforgettable memories. The right setting will not only complement your theme but also reflect your unique love story, imbuing every photo with meaning. Whether you prefer an urban setting or a natural backdrop, London’s varied landscapes offer something for everyone.


Remember, a skilled photographer can transform even the simplest locations into magical scenes. So, hire a professional who understands your vision and can capture your special moments in the best light.

With such a wealth of choices, London is truly a dream city for wedding photography. Wherever you choose to take your photos, each shot will be a precious memento of your special day, preserving your love story for generations to come.

Remember, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and your photos will serve as timeless reminders of your joyous celebration. So, choose your location wisely and ensure that every moment is beautifully captured.


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When it comes to the best locations for outdoor wedding photography in London, the options are truly limitless. Embrace the beauty of this cosmopolitan city and let it serve as the stunning canvas for your love story. At Splento, we’re here to make your wedding day even more special. Connect with us today – your perfect wedding photo album awaits.


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