Splento launches Quarantine Facetime Photographers marketplace


Have you ever heard of Facetime photography? Or Zoom professional headshots? 

These days the coronavirus pandemic quarantine has slowed down almost every business. But where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Creative people find creative solutions.

Photographers use Zoom and FaceTime to shoot portraits during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Splento has created a separate marketplace page to showcase the best online photographers you can reach in Italy, Russia, France, Spain and all around the world. You can find a professional and book your FaceTime fashion photoshoot on this page.

While many photographers are using the lockdown to brush up on their skills or work on personal projects, these photographers found a creative alternative to producing fully-fledged photoshoots with models. 

Did you ever think that your smartphone could be a tool for professional photographers? Well, here we are! Now you can get amazing shots even staying at home via FaceTime or WebCam. So if you do fancy an online FaceTime fashion photoshoot – just head to https://www.splento.com/quarantine-facetime-photographers and pick a photographer you like. All you need is a good wi-fi connection and natural light. Your photographer will guide you through.

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