How to do product photography in lockdown Splento still operates in lockdown - without our PROs leaving their home


Splento operates worldwide – even in global lockdown – and there are plenty of photography and videography projects you can do without leaving your front door. Learn how to keep it safe and do product photography in lockdown from Splento London PRO Photographer Giulia.

The quarantine makes photographers and videographers stuck indoors, but our PROs still stay creative with the cameras in the comfort of their homes and home studios. Some photographers can deliver unique Facetime or Zoom portraits and lifestyle photographs for the clients. Splento photographers and videographers challenge themselves to try something different or spend this time improving their skills, including photography retouching, video graphics, video editing, and live streaming.

Whether a creative technique or an inventive subject, each of the ideas challenge you to try something different, shoot in a new way, and push you to be more creative without leaving your home.

Learn how to create perfect product images for sweets during the lockdown from Splento London PRO Photographer.

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