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Boudoir photography is an up and coming photography style that’s making a lot of heads turn. This glamorous and classy style is all about capturing the beauty of the model without objectifying their body. The element of empowerment that drives boudoir photography is what makes it stand out from other photography styles.

If you’re looking to capture stunning boudoir photography but not entirely sure about the technique, our tips and tricks might be able to help out. But first, let’s explore the basics of boudoir photography.


Boudoir photography ideas

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is French for a woman’s private dressing room. Boudoir photography, along the same lines, is intimate photography taken for a woman for her private use. The style requires a lot of finesse as the women you are photographing have probably never done this before. So it’s up to you to capture them in intimate moments without making them feel uncomfortable. 

Boudoir photography is usually for women but couples also often partake in this style. It can help you improve your portraiture skills as it takes a lot of photography expertise as well as great people skills to make sure you get the right shot. 


Beginner’s tips for boudoir photography

Understand your subject

Communication is a part and parcel of boudoir photography so before your shoot, it’s vital to meet with your client to understand what they expect from the shoot. Boudoir is all about personal moments being glorified visually. This means you have to understand your clients well enough to know what makes them feel comfortable and attractive at the same time. Ask which features they want to flaunt and which they want to draw attention away from. Understand why they want to do the shoot so as to produce the best possible result.


Use window light

Soft and flattering window light is perfect for a boudoir photography shoot as it washes over the model’s body evenly. If the window light is too weak you can always add extra lighting to supplement it. If the window is behind or beside the model, the picture will come out looking well-composed as well.


Boudoir photography tips


Keep your client comfortable

If a client is uncomfortable with a boudoir shoot it will clearly show on her face and her body language in the pictures. Talk to your client and create a good rapport so that they feel more comfortable around you, especially with your camera. Make sure you keep a dressing robe aside for when you’re not shooting so that your client doesn’t feel self-conscious.


Plan poses

Go through the poses you have planned before the shoot to make sure your client is comfortable posing as planned. Start with simple and flattering poses and then you’re your way up. During the poses, compliment her with words of encouragement about how great she looks. Ensure you don’t cross a line with the flattery as this could again make your client uncomfortable with the whole process. 


Wardrobe choices

Ask your client to bring outfits that she is comfortable wearing. It doesn’t always have to be lingerie as boudoir photography is all about exploring sensuality but not necessarily by showing more skin. Never push the idea of outfits into a client’s mind, but rather discuss what they think would look good and offer your opinion on it. 


Boudoir photography requires an intimate yet professional relationship with the subject which only arises from a mix of photography expertise and interpersonal skills. It might be a bumpy path at first but with a little bit of practice, the road to this alluring art will soon smoothen out. 

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