Top 25 CleanTech Startups Inventors and innovators that are saving the planet


Clean Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s green-trending world.

CleanTech is not just about pursuing new technologies for eco-friendly energy, but also includes cleaning up older processes whilst we are still reliant upon them, such as reducing the negative impacts of coal power and natural gas.

Today, CleanTech jobs are among the fastest-growing in many parts of the developed world, and the importance of these companies, and their contributions to the health of the planet, cannot be overemphasised.

Here are 25 of the best of the many, many startups that are helping us all.


80 Acres Farm

80 Acres Farms is a farming company that uses indoor farming technology to target the critical flaws in the food supply chain. 80 Acres delivers fresh produce all year round, with no dependency on weather or climate through indoor farming technology that uses 97% less water than traditional farming.

80 acres


2015 – Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Mike Zelkind, Tisha Livingston

Total funding: $250m

Web: https://www.80acresfarm.com/


Advano combines nanotechnology with fundamental chemical engineering principles to accelerate the renewable energy revolution. Advano’s silicon nanoparticles dramatically increase the energy density lithium-ion batteries by 30-40% without sacrificing battery life or increasing the battery cost.



2014 – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Alexander Girau, Shiva Adireddy

Total funding: $23.8m

Web: https://advano.io/


Arrival is a developer and manufacturer of zero-emission, public vehicles. Arrival develops software, materials, components, and scalable skateboard platforms. In addition, their micro-factories allow them to make vehicles for any mobility ecosystem. They aim to revitalise public transportation.



2015 – London, England, UK

Denis Sverdlov

Total funding: $629.4m

Web: https://arrival.com/


BBOXX designs, manufactures, and distributes plug and play solar systems across Africa. The innovative startup aims to expand the global reach of renewable energy to the bottom of the pyramid.



2010 – London, England, UK

Christopher Baker-Brian, Laurent Van Houcke, Mansoor Hamayun

Total funding: $183m

Web: https://www.bboxx.com/

Beta Hatch

Beta Hatch industrialises the production of insects as a sustainable protein for animal feed. Beta Hatch grows insect protein for animal feed. Beta Hatch believes that insects will be the next commodity crop, and is facilitating this change by growing the most efficient and nutritious insects.

Beta Hatch


2015 – London, England, UK

Virginia Emery

Total funding: $20.9m

Web: https://betahatch.com/

Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy is an innovator energy technology company that designs and manufactures a high-performance, cost-effective fuel cell stack. This revolutionary startup is the first fuel cell company to supply gigawatts of fuel cell hardware, resulting in high-performance, low-cost, and fuel cell stacks.



2016 – London, England, UK

Tom Mason

Total funding: $57.8m

Web: https://www.brambleenergy.com/

ClearFlame Engine Technologies

ClearFlame decarbonises heavy-duty engines while reducing operating costs, to protect the future from the challenge of diesel fuel. ClearFlame’s engine technology uses entirely renewable plant-based fuel to protect the environment and provide higher performance and fuel cost savings.

Clear Flame


2016 – Greater Chicago Area, USA

BJ Johnson, Julie Blumreiter

Total funding: $20.9m

Web: https://www.clearflameengines.com/

Dandelion Energy

Dandelion Energy is a home geothermal company that offers geothermal heating and cooling installations. The CleanTech startup’s geothermal system consists of a powerful heat pump and safe and underground pipes to move heat between the earth and your home.

Dandelion Energy


2017 – New York, New York, USA

James Quazi, Kathy Hannun

Total funding: $64.5m

Web: https://dandelionenergy.com/


Dynamhex monitors and visualises complex energy consumption data for individual, corporate and government entities. In the fight against climate change, Dynamhex makes it easy to develop and implement low-carbon solutions, by linking to science-based emission reduction targets.



2018 – Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Sunny Sanwar

Total funding: £1.6m

Web: https://www.dynmhx.io

The Faraday Grid

The Faraday Grid is the developer of a clean energy grid for smart cities, electric vehicles and domestic prosumers competing as suppliers of energy. Their decentralised network ties together the physics and economics of electricity to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy as an alternative to fossil fuel-powered stations.

Faraday Grid


2016 – Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Andrew Scobie, Matthew Williams

Total funding: $25m

Web: https://www.faradaygrid.com/

First Light Fusion

First Light Fusion is an energy company that focuses on researching energy generation by inertial confinement fusion. Initially beginning at the University of Oxford, the startup focuses on researching energy generation by inertial confinement fusion.

First Light Fusion


2011 – Yarnton, Oxfordshire, UK

Nicholas Hawker, Yiannis Ventikos

Total funding: $107m

Web: https://firstlightfusion.com/


Hexafly is a biotechnology company that develops materials and sources from insects for the aquafeed, chitin, and plant nutrition industry. Hexafly offers products from the sustainable farming of insects such as insect oil, protein, frass, and chitin.



2016 – Kells, Meath, Ireland

Alvan Hunt, John Lynam, Laura Ellen Healy

Total funding: $4m

Web: https://www.hexafly.co/


MiAlgae is a new-age microalgal production company. MiAlgae is revolutionising the £340 billion global livestock feed industry by producing a microalgal product. Their microalgal products are high in omegas and proteins, which are necessary for livestock feeds in the aquaculture sector. Their production also reduces the operating costs involved in producing livestock feed.



2016 – Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Douglas Martin

Total funding: $1.6m

Web: https://www.mialgae.com/a/

Moixa Technology

Moixa Technology is the developer of the Maslow intelligent energy storage solution. This energy solution enables homes to store energy and benefit from revenue streams generated by trading energy through GridShare, an SaaS platform that aggregates energy from groups of Maslow energy storage systems. Moixa aims to reduce the 1 trillion kWh + lost annually in power conversion.



2004 – London, England, UK

Simon Daniels

Total funding: $24.3m

Web: https://www.moixa.com/

Ocean Renewable Power Company

Ocean Renewable Power Company generates electricity from tidal energy. The Portland-based CleanTech installs turbine generator units in groups to form complete power systems that convert river and ocean energy into grid-compatible power.

Ocean Renewable


2004 – Portland, Maine, USA

Christopher R. Sauer, Paul H. Wells

Total funding: $42.6m

Web: https://www.orpc.co/

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy builds technology that reduces the cost of energy to improve customer experience. They do this by developing a cloud-based smart grid platform and providing affordable green-energy options.

Octopus Energy


2016 – London, England, UK

Greg Jackson, James Eddison, Stuart Jackson

Total funding: $1.5b

Web: https://octopus.energy/

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is an independent energy technology company and supplier. OVO Energy’s mission is to make energy cheaper, greener, and simpler.

OVO Energy


2009 – Bristol, England, UK

Stephen Fitzpatrick

Total funding: $323.6m

Web: https://ovoenergy.com/

Oxford PV

Oxford PV is a leading developer and provider of perovskite solar cells. Oxford PV develops and commercialises thin-film perovskite solar cells that are printed directly onto silicon solar cells, CIGS solar cells, or glass.

Oxford PV


2009 – Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

Henry Snaith, Kevin Arthur

Total funding: $152.2m

Web: https://www.oxfordpv.com/

SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi Power is a provider of energy-efficient battery and plug-and-play storage solutions. This innovative startup began by creating energy-dense, non-toxic and long-lasting batteries. These batteries have been used to create scalable energy storage systems.



2001 – Ojai, California, USA

Stuart Lennox

Total funding: $2m

Web: https://simpliphipower.com/


SparkCharge is an automotive company that manufactures and develops charging stations for electric vehicles. As part of the automotive industry shift to electric cars, SparkCharge provides electric solutions, such as vehicles, cars, and charging stations.



2014 – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Christopher Ellis, Joshua Aviv, Richard Whitney

Total funding: $912.8m

Web: https://sparkcharge.io/

Tidal Vision

Tidal Vision is a manufacturer of cost-effective chitin and chitosan products. Chitosan is a non-toxic, non-hazmat, biodegradable, and market-proven industrial biopolymer extracted from crab shells. Chitosan products are revolutionising industrial applications.

Tidal Vision


2015 – Bellingham, Washington, USA

Craig Kasberg

Total funding: $9.3m

Web: https://www.tidalvisionusa.com/

Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiquitous Energy makes transparent solar technology for windows, electronics, and other applications. Ubiquitous Energy’s award-winning technology is the world’s only truly transparent solar product. Their product harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for a variety of end products.

Ubiquitous Energy


2011 – Redwood City, California, USA

Miles Barr, Richard Lunt, Vladimir Bulović

Total funding: $75m

Web: https://www.ubiquitous.energy/


Verv is the developer of high definition fault detection technology for the next generation of smarter, longer-lasting and more sustainable appliances. Specialising in high-speed data acquisition and AI in the electrical domain, Verv captures appliances’ energy signatures in high resolution. They can then offer detailed faults of appliances, making them more effective and sustainable.



2010 – London, England, UK

Peter Davies

Total funding: $16.1m

Web: https://verv.energy/

Zenobe Energy

Zenobe Energy is the largest independent owner and operator of battery storage in the UK. They transform the way grid operators and businesses use power to reduce costs, improve reliability and benefit the environment.



2017 – London, England, UK

James Basden, Nicholas Beatty, Steven Meersman

Total funding: $687.7m

Web: https://www.zenobe.com/

This is a list of startups that are working hard to change the life of the planet, making it a better place for us all.

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