How to present your product for sale on your eCommerce platform 5 different angles you never knew you had


We have looked at several different aspects of product photography – including why you need it, ways to do it and even other ways to use it.

In this discussion, we are looking at product marketing for eCommerce from a different angle; or rather, 5 different angles, which you may not have thought about yet.

A product photograph shows your customer what it looks like – so far so good. But product marketing is about highlighting the strengths of your product over that of your competition.

And it is these strengths that you should be emphasising through your product photography.

Some products need a close up of the item itself; others benefit more from showing it in use.

So here we have 5 different ways to present your product for sale.

1. Function

We’ll begin with the most obvious. What is the purpose of your product; what function does it serve?

If it does it better than your competition, can you show this in a photo? Can a lifestyle photo or in-context image demonstrate how your product performs its purpose and how it does it better than anything else?

If your product has a function (and it does) then it fulfils a need that someone has. Even a piece of jewellery has a function – it enhances or accessorises. A watch has other functions as well (you can work that one out for yourself).

How can your product photographs demonstrate that need being fulfilled?

Most customers are buying for emotional reasons, so by doing this, by fulfilling a need, you are meeting their emotional requirement. Show this in your photographs.

Leads plugged into a sound mixer Boost eCommerce with product photos

2. Style

Your product also has a style of some description – its appearance.

For some, what a product looks like is as important as how it functions. How does your product photography make your goods appear? Stylish, sophisticated? (If that is the market you are selling into).

Some products do not need to look sophisticated. Car engine parts are functional and the need to look functional.

If you are a greengrocer, you want your carrots to look like carrots. If you are a restaurant, you want a completely different stylistic approach to your food photography!

If style and appearance are important elements of your marketing, then emphasise that in your product photographs. The function may need to take a back seat.

Sometimes, style over substance is the right approach.

Woman holding a handbag Boost eCommerce with product photos

3. Experience

Customer experience is important. Is your product enjoyable? Is it fun to use? Is it something that meets the emotional needs of those who buy it?

If that is the case, then focus your product photography on user experience.

Show people getting enjoyment and satisfaction from using it. Concentrate on in-context shots that display the customer enjoying the benefits of using your product.

These photos are often telling a whole story in a single photo. They take time to plan, but if it’s the right image for your product, then it’s a great one to include in your photoshoot.

If you are selling an intangible product – this shot is for you. Does your product save your customer time or money? Does it make life easier for them or help them lose weight?

If you don’t have a physical product to sell, then your visual marketing focusses around experience, but if it is tangible, don’t disregard the experience photo as something that won’t benefit you too.

Couple holding hands Boost eCommerce with product photos

4. Benefit

What are the benefits of your product?

Customers are not buying it for ownership as an end – it is a means to an end. As we said above, your product has a function and your customers benefit from that function.

Your customers are buying from you because of the benefit they will get out of it. So your product photos should be showing this benefit because, ultimately, that is what will make your customers want to buy it.

What benefits does your product offer that your competitors don’t? Or if they do, how is yours better?

Find a way to show this on your eCommerce platform, through your photographs.

Woman resting on a bike ride Boost eCommerce with product photos

5. Quality

Use your product photography to show off the quality of your product.

If quality is one of your selling points, then demonstrate it – with your photos. The camera doesn’t lie (they say) so if you claim that yours is the best quality, then prove it.

Infographic images are great for this. Labelling a product photograph with comments which draw attention to the quality can go a long way to making the sale.

With ever more businesses turning to eCommerce and online marketing, your need to constantly strive to not only be unique but to show it.

Practically no customer buys on price, despite what you think. But they do buy on value for money.

So if you have quality – flaunt it!

Decorated champagne flute Boost eCommerce with product photos


Whatever your strengths are – show them in your product photographs.

Almost certainly, you will have a mixture of all of these, but if you have done your market research, you will already know for which reason the vast majority of your customers buy from you.

If it’s your core strength, exploit it. Just make sure you find a way to show it in your pictures.

A good photographer will be able to do this. A great product photographer will know exactly what is needed and know best how to highlight that in your photographs.

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Afterwards, take some time to think about your product strengths and the best way you should present your product for sale.


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