How to build online relationships with property clients Top tips for estate agents to help build your business


Building relationships with clients has become a challenging task during the pandemic, as doing it in-person is no longer an option, so new trends in building business relationships have begun to emerge. You can easily create a successful communication strategy by using the new tools available in this digital era. 

While some real estate agents have treated the pandemic as a disaster for business, others have used it as an opportunity to build and improve virtual relationships with their clients. Social advertising has replaced traditional billboards and bus benches, and virtual home tours have replaced in-person viewings. We are now at the point where it has become a permanent measure of maintaining outstanding client relations. 


Top tips to build virtual relationships with clients in the property business

1. Communicate often

With all communications transitioning to digital form, it’s important to make sure your customers are receiving as good an experience as they would have in person. Inadequate communication can make the client feel like they’re not appreciated. 

So whether it’s through phone, email or social media, communicate with your clients and make sure the messages have a personal touch. Generic and sales-oriented content can lead your clients to feel detached from your agency business and maybe even frustrated with your services.

Remember – especially now – that there is no such thing as over-communication.


2. Provide engaging content

Harnessing the power of social media can be the best thing you can do to grow and nurture a relationship with your property clients online. Post interactive content on social media, so that you can communicate with existing and potential clients. 

If you can provide relevant and valuable content, potential home sellers will remember you and get in touch when they do decide to move on to the selling stage. Even with home buyers, regularly posting about listings or buying tips can lead to potential sales interest. 


Business relationships in property

3. Add an FAQ section to your website

A website is an absolute must if you want to establish a relationship with your clients. You can develop your client relations using your website by providing information and answering questions before your clients directly seek your help.

By adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to your website, you can improve your client’s experience without any immediate expectations from that. This kind of initiative can earn their respect and send them right back to you when they’re looking for a real estate agent. 


4. Set up virtual home tours

One of the most effective and popular tools used by realtors during the pandemic are virtual tours of listed properties. In 2020, as in-person viewings became a bit of a challenge due to COVID-19, agencies have adapted to a digital environment by posting virtual home tours for interested buyers.

The endless advantages of using virtual property tours have provided many estate agents with an opportunity in the midst of what they thought was a crisis. Property tours are inexpensive and easy to make, so the change isn’t a tough one to follow. 


5. Use technology to your advantage

For all the havoc that the pandemic has caused, technology has swooped in like a superhero to our rescue. Technology has been a catalyst in the progress of every industry, including real estate.

Software solutions have come about that can streamline the workflow and communications effort from the agent’s side. For example, Hubspot is a useful, generic CRM for maintaining client records and database management, while other software/apps, such as Mio, are specifically written for the property market.


Building client relationships in business is an essential role of being an estate agent. The best agents are the ones who are both friendly and knowledgeable. So now there’s a way to maintain your rapport with clients online, and keep it going using the best online tools at your disposal. 


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