How to boost your photography business with video Video for your photography business


As a photographer, it’s likely that photography is your favourite visual medium. And it’s understandable – photographs require a high level of technical skill and creativity to look good in their final composition. What better way to show your photography prowess than with excellent examples of your work?  Although your photographs look amazing, so do other photographers’ – in a very competitive market, it’s difficult to cut through the competition and get on peoples’ radar. Video is the current form of visual content that is leading the charge in marketing. 

You’re probably asking yourself ‘how can video help a photography business?’ But it truly is the frontrunner in marketing tactics whether you have a photography business or a video and photography business. It doesn’t matter if your business is already established, or if you’re wondering how to start a photography business with video, there are undeniable benefits of video for your business. 

In this article, we will be discussing how video can help your photography business, whether it’s fledgling or already taken flight.  For inexperienced photography businesses, we will also go over some advice to maximise your marketing. 

We will be looking at the following topics:

    • Video and photography business meaning
    • Video marketing statistics
    • How to make your video for your photography business
    • Starting a photography business checklist
    • How to start a photography business YouTube


Using video to promote photography


Video and photography business meaning

What is the meaning of video for your photography business? Well, video is currently one of the most popular and successful marketing tactics. In terms of actionable digital marketing, video can actually help increase the visibility of your business to new customers through video SEO. Video is mobile-friendly, which is important as many consumers now discover brands and businesses on mobile devices. Likewise, it is perfectly optimised for all social media platforms.

In terms of persuasion, video marketing drives sales. Video is visually interesting, compelling, easily digestible for customers, it tells them everything they need to know about you in a matter of minutes, and it shows your brand personality, and tells a story about you and your brand. Video is one of the best ways to engage with the customer on a personal level through visual storytelling and narration.


Video marketing statistics

Not convinced? According to research conducted by Biteable:

    • 61% of marketers see video as a “very important or extremely important” part of their marketing strategy.
    • 30% of marketers see video as a more important part of their strategy than their website.
    • 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.


How to make a video for your photography business

So you know video is important for your photography business, but how should you make your business video? In your video for promoting your business you should

    • Tell your story: Draw customers in on a personal level. Share your story and let customers know why they will be in good hands with you as their photographer. Share your brand values.
    • Keep your branding consistent: Keep the style and tone of your video in line with your brand personality. Is your brand sleek and modern or laid-back and relaxed?
    • Make it compelling: Make your video compelling and visually interesting. Think of it as a trailer for your business – you want to grab people’s attention and make them interested in you.
    • Use good audio: Make sure the audio of your business aligns with the aesthetic you have created for your video.
    • Post your video everywhere: Once you’ve created your video you should post it everywhere as it will form the cornerstone of your marketing. You should post it on your website, social media, and blog.


Starting a photography business checklist

When a successful photographer starts to tell you ‘how I started my photography business’, this is what they will say:

    • Invest in gear and editing software
    • Choose storage for your photographs and backup (External Hard Drive or cloud)
    • Decide on a business name
    • Get a business licence, where applicable
    • Organise contracts
    • Get insurance
    • Set up banking for your business
    • Get an accountant or educate yourself on taxes applicable to your business and set up an accounting worksheet
    • Have a company logo designed
    • Purchase a website URL
    • Set up your website and business email
    • Invest in video marketing
    • Start a blog


Promote your photography business with video


How to start a photography business using YouTube

In addition to blogging, many photographers will vlog – the video form of blogging. Vlogging on YouTube can be great for your business. It is a way to offer more value to clients, establish yourself as an expert in the field, educate others about photography, increase inbound traffic to your blog and website, and ultimately will result in more sales. 

When starting a YouTube channel for your photography business you should:

    • Plan your uploads to make your life stress-free and efficient
    • Write scripts or at least plan your video content to  make your videos useful and engaging
    • Make an upload schedule and stick to it
    • Upload regularly for video SEO – stick to a consistent schedule i.e. every Sunday
    • Keep your branding consistent – the tone of your videos should match your website, blog, social media, and overall company design
    • Link to your blog, website, and social media in the description of your videos
    • Include a CTA in your video – this could be to subscribe to your channel or to check out your social media or blog 
    • Have your photography business video as the Channel Trailer on your YouTube channel

We hope you found this article on video for your photography business useful.

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