Facetime photography in the fashion world How Facetime photography is changing the fashion world and the Facetime Photographer Marketplace


Facetime photography is almost an oxymoron. The thought of Facetime, for most of us, brings back arguments about whose connection is worse, blurry videos of our friends and family, and lagging audio. Not for the photographers of today. Facetime has been revolutionary for photography in a pandemic-stricken world. Due to the pandemic, the fashion world has had to adapt swiftly and effectively in order to move very practical elements online. In the face of fashion week cancellations and postponing launch parties, luxury brands and ateliers are being pushed to re-evaluate the way they engage with their audience and come up with creative digital solutions. 


What is Facetime photography and how does it work? 

Yet another gem to come out of COVID-19 is the Facetime photography trend. You’ve probably seen it on your Instagram timelines or in recent fashion editorials, and are wondering how this might actually work. At a risk of stating the obvious, Facetime photoshoots basically involve a photographer taking live portraits of individuals via video call. These photographs are usually taken by screenshots, a live-photo function, or using your camera to take a picture of a computer screen. Key elements include effective direction, great lighting, and a fast internet connection. 

In an ideal world, or just a few months ago, fashion and portrait photoshoots involved exotic locations, photographers, a crowd of stylists, creative directors, and a full team of hair and make-up artists. COVID-19 has stripped the glitz and glamour from it all and simplified the process to its very core. Today, adopting a minimalistic approach, you’ve got one photographer at home, one model at home, and (fingers crossed) a good internet connection. Brands and magazine editorials such as Jacquemus, Who What Wear, Allure, and Vogue have already taken innovation into their own hands with virtual photoshoots for campaigns and features. 


The Facetime Photographer Marketplace

As a fashion-enthusiast, employee or business owner, it would behove you to take a page out of the trendsetters’ books. Splento has launched a perfect solution for your fashion business or portrait needs through the Facetime Photographer Marketplace. It’s a one-stop-shop for you to find expert photographers that work remotely to get you the photographs you need, even if you are hundreds of miles away. The process is simple: Browse through available photographers based all over the world, find someone that matches your style and book now. With transparent pricing that starts at £99/$149 an hour, and a 24-hour image turn around (fully retouched too!) you can have your very own editorial ready to post for your website, feature, or social media as soon as tomorrow. The very best part is that you can still continue launching new collections of apparel and accessories while ensuring the safety of yourself, and those around you. Facetime photography is an innovative and responsible way of fuelling your fashion business in the face of a global health crisis.   

Facetime photography, born of circumstance, is likely to stick around post-pandemic. After all, traditional photo shoots usually involve high expenses including travel, electricity, and equipment. Apps such as Facetime and Zoom, which advance every day in order to produce sharper images, have posed a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way for the photoshoot of the future. It’s your opportunity to get ahead of the race today and adapt with the resources you have to sustain your business. 

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