From “I do” to “Replay”: Clever ways to share your wedding highlight video with loved ones Explore unique ways to relive and share your wedding highlight video


Imagine this: It’s been a few weeks or months since your wedding day. The adrenaline rush has faded, the honeymoon is over, and real-life beckons. But, just as you’re falling back into routine, your wedding highlight video is delivered. Suddenly, you are transported back to that magical day – the day when you said “I do”. You experience all the joy, laughter, tears, and love once more, and it’s a beautiful feeling. Now, you want to share this joy with your loved ones. But how?

Whether you want to share the magic with friends and family who attended the wedding, or connect with those who couldn’t make it, here are some unique and clever ways to share your wedding highlight video with your loved ones.


Wedding Highlight Video


1. Social media premiere

In the age of digital technology, social media platforms are some of the most popular methods for sharing special moments. Announce a “Premiere Date” and host a watch party on Facebook or Instagram. This not only allows you to share your joy with others in real time, but it also creates an interactive experience where loved ones can react and comment as they watch.

2. Personalised video emails

Send out personalised video emails to your family and friends. With tools like BombBomb or Vidyard, you can embed your wedding highlight video directly into an email, along with a heartfelt note. It’s a digital version of a thank you card, complete with video memories from the day. The personal touch will undoubtedly leave your loved ones feeling special.

3. Dedicated wedding website

If you haven’t already, create a wedding website. It can serve as a digital scrapbook for all things related to your wedding – photographs, love stories, and of course, your wedding highlight video. It’s a perfect keepsake that will help you and your loved ones relive the wedding day over and over again. Websites like The Knot and Zola can help you create beautiful and easy-to-navigate wedding websites.

4. Custom QR code gifts

Customize gifts with a QR code that links to your wedding highlight video. It could be on a picture frame, a coffee mug, or a keychain. This way, your family and friends will have a physical reminder of your wedding day that leads them on a digital trip down memory lane whenever they want. QR codes are easy to generate, and they provide a novel and fun way of sharing your video.


Wedding Highlight Videos


5. Public or private YouTube channel

Create a public or private YouTube channel for your wedding. Here, you can post your wedding highlight video along with any other clips you may have from the day. Loved ones can subscribe to your channel and receive updates when you post new content. If you’re concerned about privacy, create a private YouTube channel and share access with only those you want to.

6. Send out video cards

These days, receiving a physical card can feel particularly special. Services like Paperless Post and Greenvelope allow you to embed videos into digital cards, but consider going a step further. Look for those companies that offer video cards where a screen plays your wedding highlight video when the card is opened. It’s a unique, tactile way of sharing your video that your loved ones will appreciate.

7. Local viewing party

If circumstances allow, host a local viewing party. Invite your loved ones over for a night of reliving the wedding day. Project your wedding highlight video onto a big screen, serve some snacks, and enjoy a night filled with laughter, tears, and fond memories.

8. Custom video book

Similar to video cards, there are services that offer custom video books. These books contain an LCD screen, in which your wedding highlight video will start playing when the book is opened. Imagine having your favourite wedding photo on the cover and the video inside. This keepsake will serve as both a coffee table book and a conversation starter.

9. Virtual watch party

If your friends and family are spread across the globe or if the current situation does not allow for gatherings, a virtual watch party is a great alternative. Platforms like Zoom, Facebook, or Google Meet can be used to host a virtual party. Just share your screen, play the video, and watch together, no matter where you all are. It can be a fun and emotional reunion as you all watch and reminisce together.


Videos for Wedding Highlight


10. Mini projector keychain gift

There are now tiny projectors available that can be attached to keychains. You can upload your wedding highlight video onto these mini projectors and gift them to your loved ones. It’s a fun and innovative way of sharing your wedding memories.


Sharing your wedding highlight video doesn’t have to be the mundane task of just sending a link. With a little creativity, you can make the act of sharing just as memorable as the video itself. And remember, it doesn’t have to stop at one time. Reliving the best moments of your life should be a frequent and joyous occasion. After all, love is not just about the ‘I do’ but also about the everyday ‘replay’ that follows.

So, consider some of these unique methods to share your wedding highlight video, and turn the sharing process into a continuous celebration of love. It’s not just about broadcasting a video, it’s about keeping the magic of your special day alive, and making your loved ones feel included and cherished, no matter where they are.

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