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It’s a fact: food photos attract more customers and drive more orders! 

Adding food photography to your menu page is shown to increase sales by 24-30%, depending on the platform. The quality of your food photography is a key factor in standing out to customers on food delivery platforms, such as Deliveroo, Doordash, Glovo, PedidosYa, UberEats, FoodPanda, JustEat Takeaway, Bolt, Swiggy, Zomato, Rappi, Grubhub and others. 

Yes – whatever your sales were last month – you can make 30% more by just adding professional-quality photos to your listings! Good photos encourage customers to click on your menu from the restaurant list and help them see the deliciousness of your dishes. 

So you’d expect all restaurants and cafes around the world rushing off their heels to do this. Snapping photos to show their customers what their restaurant is all about. Using beautiful photographs of signature dishes and unlocking even greater revenue opportunities within food delivery platforms – simply by adding food photos of all the items on their menu, from starters and mains to desserts, drinks, cocktails and even sauces. 

Adding food photography to your menu page is shown to increase sales by 24-30%

So we decided to check if that is the case and have undertaken the most detailed research into Food Photography for the Food Delivery Platforms.

We’ve analysed 1,000+ listings on 10 platforms in 10 countries and have found some striking insights!   

    • The average number of dishes listed across all platforms in all countries is 79. 
    • The average number of listings with photos is 34. This means that across all platforms / all restaurants / all listings, only 49.5% of listings had photos! A massive 51.5% of listings had no photos. That’s a huge opportunity missed! 
    • Some types of restaurants are doing much better than others. Most large pizza chains have on average 90% of listings with photos, whereas Chinese restaurants on average have 24% of listings with photos. 


FoodApp Photos


We will continue gathering the data and are planning to analyze 100,000 listings across all food and grocery delivery platforms around the world. We will then launch an interactive tool that will allow you to see a detailed breakdown for your own local area so that you can easily compare yourself to your competitors, get inspired, and ultimately sell more online! 

If you want to boost your online sales without spending tons of money on food photography, try to use new tech solutions, like Splento Food Photography App which will save you 90% of your photography costs. You don’t need to book a professional photographer to sell your listings better anymore. 

FoodApp Screens

If you’re looking for an alternative to professional food photography, then why not try out the new FoodApp – available for your smartphone now. Download and play for free – see what it can do and how much time (and money) it will save you and your business – or even if you just shoot food pics for fun!

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