Finding a great product photographer Product Photography Basics - Part 2


Finding a great product photographer should be easy – especially with Google. Simply searching ‘product photographers near me’ should give you a list of local photographers who will be delighted to take your photos for you.

The problem is, as we all know, that there are so many photographers out there, how do we know which to select? If our search for ‘Local Photo Studio’ has produced 35 options all under 20 minutes away, which one do you go for? Or should geography even stop you getting the best photographs?

The answer is to take some time, and run through this list of attributes that your need to consider when selecting a professional product photographer:

  • Their experience as a professional
  • The ability they have to communicate
  • Flexibility approach to bookings and working remotely
  • Their existing portfolio of work
  • Reviews


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1. Finding an experienced photographer

Is the photographer you are looking at experienced with product photography?

Have a look at their existing portfolio and see if you like not only the quality of their work but the style as well. You’ll want to be able to see examples of the photos they have taken for others – before they take any for you.

There are different styles of product photography, and a good photographer needs to be able to cover all of them, not just the standard ‘Amazon’ ones.

Are they what you are looking for?

2. Can they communicate?

One of the keys to a good photoshoot of any kind is communication, between you and the photographer.

You are both responsible for this – the photographer must feel they are free to make suggestions to you if they feel it would improve the shot. This is why you need a photographer with relevant experience.

But communication is a two-way conversation, so likewise, you need to feel also that you can express yourself to your photographer, ask questions, make suggestions and listen to their feedback.

Being able to communicate with your photographer can make all the difference between average and great photographs.

3. Can your photographer work remotely?

For the foreseeable future, this is an important question.

Once you have found what looks like a suitable photographer, then comes the next question to ask yourself: can you work together remotely?

This is another reason that clear communication is so important – especially in 2020.

A good photographer needs to be flexible and adaptive at the best of times. They must be able to work in a studio and away from it. Inside or outside.

These days, mobile pop-up studios are much more common – backdrops and lighting equipment which the photographer can bring with them – and can produce studio-quality shots under any circumstances.

Currently, this needs to be done in such a way as to keep everyone safe.

Check out this video for more guidance on safe, remote product photography.

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4. Are they available?

A good photographer needs to be flexible around the customer.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve spent time researching and finding what you consider the perfect photographer for you.

You call up to book, only to discover that they are very busy and can only help you in three weeks, on a Tuesday, between 10am and 12:30pm.

A busy photographer is a good sign, yes? It means they are popular and so they must be good as they are in demand?

Well, yes. That is almost certainly true. But a busy photographer may also be too busy to get around to editing your photos.

Once the photo session is over, and your best images are chosen, the photographer needs to go away and retouch them to bring them to perfection. This takes time, and if they are too busy it may be a while before you see your finished photos! Especially if they have more photo sessions to do today and are still editing the other photos that they took for someone else two weeks ago…

You need a photographer who will give you the time you need, not just the time they can spare.

5. Read some reviews

Before booking your product photo session, read some reviews. Find out what others are saying about a photographer or their company before finally committing yourself.

There are several places you can get independent reviews of any kind of service these days – one such example being Trustpilot – where verified reviews are written independently by customers.

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6. Alternatively…

If all this seems a little daunting and a lot of hard work, well, it can be.

If you need product photography, then you have many reasons to get the best. That makes it worth taking time to find the best service that you can.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to all the hard legwork we have described above.

Splento has already done all this hard work for you!

They have a wide range of professional photographers who are available wherever and whenever you need them.


Described as the only photo and video service you’ll ever need, Splento has product photography for a fixed hourly rate – and most importantly, every photographer has already been assessed, vetted and interviewed in advance. This means that not only do you that they have the right experience for what you need, you also know that their work is of the highest standard.

Additionally, having been personally interviewed and put through a rigorous selection process, you can be assured that all their photographers can communicate with you exactly as you need it to produce those amazing images you want.

Splento photographers can work completely remotely, and you can book them for when you want them (even if that’s tomorrow). And your final retouched photos? They will be delivered within 24 hours – guaranteed. (Even faster if you need it).

Splento has a long list of amazing customer reviews and, importantly, you can check-out their photographer portfolios online.

Take a look now at some of Splento’s product portfolio.

For more information, get in contact today, or read on to learn more about options for editing product photographs.


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