Exploring the Splento App for sharing Assessing the unique features the app offers for safely sharing photos


For any type of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, a user can share what they want through photos or short messages. Just like these social media platforms, the Splento App offers users the opportunity to share photos of their children, what they are getting up to and even how they have grown!

Living in a technological society means that sharing memories and experiences with family and friends is something that most of us enjoy. And this is especially true for parents, who love being able to share photos of their children, and their achievements, whether it is an art piece, running in a race, playing a musical instrument, taking their first steps and everything in between. Photos are a way to communicate with family members and friends, especially those separated by distance or circumstance.


Why share the photos?

Society has changed drastically in a short period of time. Not so long ago, many families would live close to one another, and it was easier to travel and see each other.

A ten-minute drive in one direction meant a family could see one pair of grandparents, if they then drove ten minutes in the other direction, they would see their other grandparents. However, in today’s society, we have become more global, with family and friends living their lives in different countries. Many can no longer drive to the next town or simply walk around the corner to see family as they used to. Now, families talk through Facetime and Zoom, or travel to see one another for a holiday or a weekend when they can. 

Although this is great, with everyone living their lives to the fullest and creating new experiences, it has meant that it is harder to see family so regularly, and for them to experience your children growing up. We have especially seen with the pandemic how dependent we all are when it comes to taking photos and videos, and then for us to share them with family and friends.

With the Splento App, users can share photos of their children in a secure way, with family and friends no matter where they are in the world. It’s a chance for them to not miss out on seeing the parent’s children growing day by day. A way to stay connected with one another, even though miles apart.


Splento App Sharing images


How do you share with others?

When a parent or other user creates an account on the Splento app, no one else can see the photos that they have uploaded. The only way other people can view these picture is through the account owner granting permission. We felt it was vital to have this feature on the Splento App, to give full control to the account owner, and with this benefit, it means no strangers or other unwanted person can view the photos. 

There are two ways for a user to share the photos with their family and friends, and they are both quick and easy to do.

The first way is for the user to go to their profile and invite family members; here they can choose to add their partner, grandparents, uncle and aunts, godparents, and cousins.

The second way is by selecting an album, or creating a new one, for example, Summer Holiday.

Once the album is selected/created the user is able to send a link to friends and family who might be joining them on this holiday, or anyone else theywant to share these memories with. Sharing an album with others means the invited guests can only see the photos in the one shared album; they cannot see any other pictures that a user uploads on their daily feed, or to any other albums.

And soon, there will also be a third way for users to share their favourite photos – by print.

Although there are some who only share photos digitally, there is still something timeless and precious about sharing printed photos – especially among family and even more so among older generations. This creates the perfect present for families who live abroad or who are otherwise physically distant.

Using this sharing method, users will be able to send physical prints anywhere in the world, by the fastest methods possible.


What features are available to the people you share with?

As mentioned early, the Splento App gives users complete control, this means they are the ones who decide how much access their family and friends play when it comes to the photos they share of their child.

The account holder has three choices when sharing: 

View only: This means family and friends can only see the images shared; this is perfect for sharing with family members and friends who may make embarrassing comments that the user might not be comfortable with, or happy about others seeing.

View, comment and like: Not only can the selected family and friends see the pictures, they are able to show their love and happiness for a photo through liking and commenting. 

Collaborate: this option is perfect for trusted family members and friends who see the account owner and their family quite often throughout the year. This option allows others to be able to upload photos of the children as well. This is ideal for when a child is away holidaying with grandparents, for example, and they want to share the holiday photos with mum or dad.


Splento sharing app


What photos can you share?

Any photos that you choose to put on the Splento App will be shared with whoever you invite to the app, at the level of access you give them. You can choose to share one, some or all of your photos or albums, as each is individually controlled. And, of course, you choose who you share them with.

And since the sharing controls are so important, and what makes the app so secure, we have made them super-easy to use.

We all know the challenges of trying to change privacy settings on Facebook (not to mention many other image sharing apps); so the Splento App has made it simple – and the settings can be amended by you at any time.

You are always in control.

There are many experiences that a child will have – and many memories that they will make, whether at school, or a day trip with their friends, or even just at home with you. All of these events means there are many opportunities to snap a photo and share it with friends and family.

But in case you are ever stuck on ideas for photos to take and share with who you choose, here are a few examples:

    • Holiday photos are perfect memories to share with family, a way to make them feel they are with you even when they are not.
    • Photos of your child’s work, whether it is an art piece or science project, or a sports achievement. Sharing photos like these will not only make your child feel your support, but make family and friends proud.


For many more ideas, 10 things to share with your family, using the Splento App will not only give you some great suggestions but also inspire you to think of other photos to take of your child to share with your family and friends. 

For us, the Splento App is a way to celebrate all the wonderful experiences a child has, by sharing them with friends and family.

In one place – and in one simple, secure way.

It’s unlike other photo-sharing apps; there is no access available to anyone unless you first give consent. 

The Splento App, the new way to communicate, through photos. 


The Splento App is available to try now – for free!

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