Celebrate your success: Creative ideas and inspirations for unique and unforgettable graduation photo sessions Unique (and some more familiar) ways to capture your graduation memories


After three or four years of working solidly to obtain a university degree, there is no celebration quite like graduation. So in order to remember your special day, a graduation photo session is definitely on the cards. Planning your graduation photo ideas before the day rolls around is imperative and if you are stuck for ideas … well you have come to the right place! 

Carry on reading for an array of unique graduation photo ideas and graduation photoshoot locations.


Graduation shot


Unique graduation photo ideas

Throw up your cap

Throwing up your cap and catching it is the classic graduation tradition, and one that you definitely want captured to remember! The sight of your cap in the air makes the perfect action shot, and conveys both celebration and freedom!

Hug a family member

Personalised graduation photos are a great opportunity to include your family. Capture a heartfelt moment hugging a close family member to acknowledge your achievement, and remember the love shared.

In the crowd

You can bring the graduation photoshoot into the graduation ceremony itself. Taking photos of yourself sitting in the crowd with the other graduates is a wholesome image as it captures the collective achievement of your year group. 

Posed with certificate

No graduation photoshoot is complete without an image of the graduate holding their graduation certificate. This photo works well in a portrait style and can be replicated in various locations around campus or in halls.

Group photo with parents

Graduation is a special day to celebrate your whole family. A photo of you standing between your proud parents is a beautiful keepsake and a fond moment to treasure. 

Celebrating with friends

Themed graduation photos can also be centred around your university friends. It is important to get your friends involved in the graduation shoot as they have played such an important role in your overall university experience. 

Worm’s eye view

If it is creative graduation photos that you are after, try a worm’s eye view shot and set the camera up beneath a group of graduates. This graduation photo set up with a view of the cap and gowns from the ground is striking.


Creative graduation photo ideas


Graduation photo location ideas

As well as trying different photo ideas in your graduation shoot, there is a plethora of different locations that you can try to add a touch of variety.

On campus 

Select a range of locations around your university campus to take photos in your cap and gown. These can be sentimental places such as your first-year hall, or interesting architecture on your campus that makes your university distinctive.

At home

The getting-ready process for your graduation is all a part of your day. You can take some really artistic photos whilst getting ready, including any hair, make-up, or celebratory drinks. If your graduation is in the summer, you could even take some photos in the garden before you leave.

Previous schools

If you really want to get inventive you can visit all your previous schools and take photos there as a means of commemorating your entire education journey up until this point.

Celebration dinner 

After your graduation ceremony, it is likely that you will head off for a celebratory dinner. This is another great place to capture some unique moments, celebrating your achievement with friends and family.


Now that you have your graduation photo ideas you should be good to go! 

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Graduation photo

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