Capturing the milestone: Top tips for perfect graduation photos that showcase achievement and personality How to get the best graduation photos and make it a day to remember!


After working hard at a degree for at least three years, you want some beautiful graduation photos at the end of it to celebrate your achievement. Nailing your graduation photo poses will really allow you to showcase your success and portray your joy upon graduating amongst friends and family.

But graduation photography can be a real art, so here is an array of graduation photo ideas to make your cap and gown photos real possessions to treasure. 


Graduation photos


Graduation photography tips and ideas

Choose narrative photography

A graduation day tells a story and there is often a distinct sequence to the events. From excitedly getting ready, to arriving at the venue and putting on your cap and gown, all the way to walking across the stage to collect your certificate and then the celebrations afterwards. Taking a series of photos throughout the day that document the sequence of events is a perfect way to make a graduation day memorable. A narrative approach to graduation photography is a popular choice for this reason. 


Portrait of the graduate

Portraits of the graduate are also essential photos to capture as part of a graduation photoshoot. Graduate portraits are often taken officially at a graduation ceremony but there is little room for personalisation as you must go with the hired photographer’s graduation portrait recommendations. 

Graduation portrait ideas for your own graduation photoshoot: 

    • Change up the location of your graduation portraits across the university campus 
    • Choose a professional set-up for your portrait and then opt for a silly pose to show off your personality.
    • Do it with friends! Don’t just take the standard solo shot – grab your mates and create some collective portraits as well.


Take photos with university friends

No graduation photoshoot is complete without a few snaps of the graduate with their university friends they have spent the past few years making memories with. So, gather your friends and relive the past few years with these photos documenting the final chapter. A popular photo to take with your university friends is the classic cap and gown photo, throwing your cap up into the air and catching it in celebration of having graduated together.


Perfect graduation photos


Take photos with your extended family

Milestone photography is always a great excuse to gather and include the extended family. You could host a family gathering either on the day of graduation, or nearby to celebrate your graduation and use it as an excuse to take photos with your dear family. Depending on the number of guests allowed at your graduation ceremony, this is also a perfect place to have a photo with your parents with you in your cap and gown. 


Use the university as a background

Visiting different locations across your university campus and having photos in your cap and gown is a great way to add variety to your graduation photoshoot. Maybe you have a building that you spent a lot of time studying in, or there is a favourite bit of architecture on campus that you want to be captured with? Perhaps you discovered a secret ‘quiet’ spot where you stole away to have some alone time? Doing a full tour can make your university experience come to life through your photoshoot and is a beautiful way to bring your university experience to a close.

Best graduation photos


These graduation photo tips and tricks should have you succeeding in your graduation photography in no time. 

If, however, you want to save time and really focus on enjoying your day you could always hire a professional graduation photographer

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