Adventure trips to experience in the UK ...and how to share the great photos you take using the Splento App


For the past sixteen months, we have all been stuck in limbo – the world of the unknown. But now, everything is opening up again, and all the adventures that you wanted to do with your family and friends can now happen. To forever remember the memories of these adventures, take loads of photos that you can share with them.

In this blog, we will explore

    • Five exciting adventure trips
    • Why use the Splento App compared to other sharing apps?
    • How to share the adventure photos on the Splento App


Five exciting adventure trips

There are many adventure trips to do around the United Kingdom, but here are five that might spark your interest. 


Camping in Galloway Forest, Scotland

Forestry and Land Scotland operate this forest park, and it’s a great place to stay if you want to visit the wildlife. People can adventure and explore the 300 square miles of wilderness during the day. They can stay in a campervan at night, or if they want to be more adventurous, they can pitch up a tent. If you did the Duke of Edinburgh award when you were younger, sleeping in the wilderness can bring back all of those great memories. 

You’ll be able to relax as well on this trip, especially in the evenings where the skies are clear and the stars are bright enough to gaze at. 


World’s fastest zip line, Wales

Perhaps, this summer you might want to conquer some fears, such as height. If so, may we suggest the fastest zip line in the world? Going up to 100 mph, it’s up to 60 seconds on the 1.5km zip wire. During your time here, you have around two hours to explore the shops and go on the zip wires more than once. When speeding down from the start to the end, people have the chance to glance at the views of Penryn Quarry Lake and Snowdonia National Park. 

If that sounds great, then the way you are strapped to the zip wire is even more exciting – it’s as if you are a flying superhero with your arms by your sides. 

At Velocity 2, the employees will be taking photos for you to view and keep forever. 


Source: Zipworld


Swimming with the marine life, Lundy Island

Lundy Island is off the Bristol Channel, and to arrive at this location you have to travel by boat from North Devon. What might surprise some people is that the marine life of Lundy is often compared to the Galapagos. The marine nature reserve has protected all of the water creatures that live around Lundy to make sure that their home stays stable. 

There is a lot that one can do here, if you are a trained diver, then you can take part in their weekly scuba diving trip. However, if you are not, they hold snorkelling sessions where you have the chance to see up to 2,500 water creatures. 

If you want your stay to be longer than a day, why not book one of the 23 properties? That way you can take more photos as you explore Lundy Island.


Mountain Biking, Forest of Dean

There are four different trails in the Forest of Dean, and how confident you are with riding will determine which trail you’ll take. All of the trails are fun, and everyone has the chance to be around nature and the wildlife. If you do reach a part that seems a bit off-putting, it’s always fine to climb off the bike and walk. Don’t forget to snap photos of your group on the bikes as a way to remember doing something that you might normally not do. 


Tree climbing, Go Ape

There are many different locations around the UK to go on this adventure trip. There is no maximum age limit to take part in one of these top trees challenges – all you have to be is older than 10. This adventure is in the heights of the trees, so be prepared that your legs might shake during some of the challenges. This fun adventure makes every participant feel that they are an adventure hero from a movie as they go around the twists and turns of the trees. 


Fun holidays in the UK


Why use the Splento App compared to other sharing apps?

Today there are already many different types of sharing apps that we all already use. So, it’s no surprise that you might be asking “why should I use the Splento App when I can share my photos through WhatsApp?” 

A fair question; so let us tell you why the Splento App should become your new photo-sharing app. 

Unlike WhatsApp, the photos that you upload to the Splento App remain at full quality, which means the photos stay clear when someone downloads them; with WhatsApp, when you send a photo to someone, the app will automatically convert the photo into fewer pixels (to save space and speed up sending); however, this can make photos look blurry – and no one wants to upload a slightly blurry photo to Instagram, do they?

When it comes to WhatsApp, the photos take up storage on your phone but since the Splento App uses a cloud-based system, this never happens. When using the Splento App, you do not have to worry about storage. Keep as many photos as you like; the amount of space taken up on your phone will always be zero. And as you don’t have to delete photos to free up space, it means you will never forget a memory – as long as you’ve remembered to take a photo of it in the first place!


How to share your adventure photos on the Splento App

After learning how the Splento App is different, you may be wondering how to share your photos from your adventures with your family and friends.

First, you create an album. From the main screen, select ‘Albums’.

Select ‘Create Album’ and then add a title (for example, Lundy Island). Now select ‘+Add Media’…‘Upload photo or video’ and then ‘Photo Library’. Here you can choose the photos that you have taken to add to this album.

Once you have done that, it’s time to share the album with the family or friends you went with.

Go to the album you would like to share. At the top of the screen is an option to ‘Share’ – select this. Make sure the sharing link is selected and then select ‘Collaborate’ (this option allows other people to add their photos to this album as well, in a secure way).

Finally, simply share the link with whoever you want! 

If the sound of the Splento App sounds fantastic and you want to know more about it, then the Introduction to the Splento App dives into it more deeply.

If you want to try out the Splento App already (it’s free, by the way), then follow this link and create your free account.

To help, ‘First Steps’ instructions for using the Splento App will guide you through the next steps.

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