A very secret engagement 10 romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas


Proposal ideas

If you’re planning a secret engagement and you’re in need of an unforgettable proposal idea, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re interested in proposal ideas for him or for her, we’ve got something for everyone, to help you create one of the most romantic proposals ever.

1. Surprise engagement party

Are you looking for engagement ideas at home? Does your partner love a family affair? If yes, then you need an at-home surprise engagement party. After coming home from your date, get down on one knee and pop the question. When your partner says yes, all your friends and family can emerge from their hiding places to congratulate you both.

2. The ‘You and I’ photo book

This is a low-key proposal idea that is still incredibly romantic. For this proposal idea, you will take your partner somewhere special where you will present them with a book you’ve made. It’s a scrapbook filled with photos and notes chronicling your relationship. When they get to the final page, there’s a photo of the location you’re at, with a note saying ‘now it’s just you and I’. Then you pop the question!


3. The treasure hunt

This one will require some creativity and time, but it’s worth it for this genius proposal idea. You’re going to plan a treasure hunt. You have to think of some of the most memorable moments of your relationship and the special locations associated with them. You will then have to write clues about which special place your partner has to go to next. They will eventually end up at one special location, where you will be waiting for them, down on one knee. 

4. The first date revisit

This will work particularly well if your partner loves nostalgia. You will tell them that you want to go back to the place where you had your first date. Talk about how you both felt on the first date, about if you were nervous, and what you thought about each other. Before the date is over, tell them that although you’ve been together for a long time, every date feels like the first, and that’s why you want to marry them.

5. The trip down memory lane

If you prefer more private proposal ideas, this one’s for you. Take a romantic stroll through your town with your SO, pointing out all your favourite spots you’ve frequented together. Take some time to stop at each one and reminisce about your memories. Once you’ve stopped at a special location, tell them that you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life building more special memories together, and propose. 

6. Diving headfirst into an engagement

Are you and your partner daredevils? Then a skydiving proposal is the way to go. You will have to liaise with the skydiving staff to plan your proposal – you need to create a huge banner saying ‘will you marry me?’ to put on the ground. Your partner will jump out of the aircraft and freefall, and when the rush of endorphins takes over them, they will see your proposal. 

7. On top of the world

If you do everything in style, this sky-high proposal is the one for you. Take your partner to the top of a tall building, whether it’s the Shard, the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. At the top of the building, you tell them that they make you feel on top of the world, and propose.


8. The time capsule

For this idea, you’ll have to be hands-on and a bit theatrical. You’ll have to get a container and fill it with lots of mementoes from the past. They don’t need to be elaborate, just sentimental, such as old photos, ticket stubs from the first film you saw together, or a matchbook from your favourite restaurant. You’ll need to put the engagement ring box in there too.

Tell your partner you’ve found a time capsule from the past, and talk them through each item of your relationship, until you get to the best memory of all; the ring. 

9. The false film

Get ready to be creative for one of our most romantic proposal ideas. For this idea, you’ll need some help from the cinema staff, and to make a short video. You could hire an animator to tell the story of your relationship, or you could get edit together past videos of you and your partner, and interview friends and family. 

Once you’ve made your video, you tell your partner that you’re going to the cinema to see a film you want to see. Before the film starts, the cinema will play your film. Once the video ends, you take it from there.

10. The romantic boat ride

This one works best at sunset. Take your SO on a romantic boat ride and get the drinks flowing as you cruise down the river. Ask your friends to hold up a large banner saying ‘will you marry me?’ as the boat comes ashore. Tell your partner that navigating the uncharted waters of life is difficult, but you know you can do it with them by your side.


Good luck!

Remember, that each proposal idea is perfect in its own way. Make sure that your proposal is something that your partner would enjoy, and they’ll be sure to love it.

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