7 Types of Content People Love on Facebook


Recently, Facebook has reached a new milestone – nowadays over 1 billion people use this platform on a daily basis. However, boosting audience engagement on your page is still a matter of hard work. Posts you share on your timeline must resonate with your audience on a personal level, therefore, you need to post content that people crave to consume. So, here are some tips for creating content that will maximize audience engagement on your Facebook page.

1.Personal Info
Sharing too much personal information may be bad for your privacy, but it will definitely spice up your profile, whether it is your personal page or your business account. Sharing promotional posts won’t get you far as it doesn’t show the human side of your business, which will be definitely relevant to any audience. It can be anything from your office staff group photo to your office cat wandering around. The more creative, the better!

2. Discussions

These are posts that allow people to easily participate in discussions, for example:

  • Choose this or that?
  • What do you think about…?
  • Would you rather?
  • Fill in the blanks

Question mark at the end is a calling sign for everyone who is out there surfing on the internet. These type of posts work because we’re all curious beings by nature, we want to contribute, and we want to know what other people think. Whether it is a test or a poll, people tend to respond to it and even share with their friends.

3. Motivation

There is no doubt that motivational quotes and stories inspire everyone, and that is why so many people love them. It cheers up and encourages the readers, which is a very important emotional component of online engagement with the audience. People share it with their family and friends as usually these types of posts are worth attention.

4. Visuals (videos and photography)

According to Facebook statistics report, there are over 8 billion videos watched on Facebook daily. Some marketers even claim that videos are becoming an essential tool for social media engagement. But why are videos on Facebook are so important?
People just love to watch, no matter whether it is a picture or video. When it comes to photography, people are no longer interested in selfies, everybody is craving for a better, high quality content. However, one of the most powerful tool that has already helped thousands of businesses and individual specialists build up their reputation is professional photography. By the way, you can find out how to boost your business reputation by using affordable professional photography here.

5. Humor

Funny content has always been one of the best types of content to share on your social media channels. Laughter is the drug that can bring you a huge number of shares. It’s a great way to entertain people, build new leads and get the engagement you crave for. Indeed, ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

6. News

In this context “news” does not necessarily mean the latest political or economic news from your area, unless they resonate with your niche. However, people would love to read about innovations and updates in your field, be it technology, teaching methods or event management.
Amir Hussein, Founder & Master of Occasions of InAnyEvent London, says “When it came to deciding how and where to place our  brand, we always knew we wanted to make it as honest and relatable as possible; especially if we were to have any chance of being heard over all the “social noise” on social media platforms these days.
Our honest and matter of fact approach to our content – which has also been a huge driver of our recent rebrand – has naturally resounded with our target audience. By truthfully writing about what others won’t yet being informative, our fans organically engage with our content much more; ultimately, this is the biggest compliment and, of course, every marketers dream.”

7. Education

This type of content is one of the most important, as it is supposed to help your audience to make decisions on a personal and business level. Providing some useful advice and information is the best way to add value to your products or services, which will later on help you make the sale. In fact, process of educating your audience (be it your clients, fans or just friends) deserves to be called the ‘foundation’ of any Facebook marketing.


We really hope that this article was useful for you. Did we miss any types of content that could increase audience engagement on Facebook? Please, leave a comment below.


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