5 Simple and Brilliant Photography Tricks to Sell Your House Fast

5 Simple and Brilliant Photography Tricks to Sell Your House Fast


Real estate market is a very competitive place to work in. In order to succeed in sales, one not only needs to have the gift of the gab, but also to know how to attract the attention of your potential clients. That is when the proper marketing strategies become highly important. However, not many would realize that good photography of an object plays a crucial role in sales process. Taking this fact into account, we would like to present you top 5 photography tips to sell a house fast in any market:

1.Wise photography selection
On almost every real estate website, buyer comes across about 25 thumbnails, and those thumbnails are usually of the exterior of the building. That is why it is highly recommended to pay attention to the exterior view of the property. In short, this shot may become one of those selling points that will get you the potential buyer.

2. Emphasis on the strongest points of the house

When considering which photos to post, make sure you have chosen the best part and best angle of the house. It will immediately build a certain image in buyer’s mind that will be helpful when talking to them in person later.

3. Best time of day

The best exterior shots are usually considered to be taken either early in the morning or at twilight. These specific time frames allow photographers to use natural light, which makes a great job for pictures. It doesn’t require any special equipment like external lighting, for example, but makes a vivid difference to those photos taken with the use of artificial light.

4. Professional photographer

It is important to mention that the better quality of your photography is – the quicker you could sell a house. That is why Splento is always there to help you take great professional pictures. This company’s professional photographers will be able to produce high quality photographs which will undoubtedly help you boost your business’ image and reputation that are crucial for attracting potential customers. Book professional property photographer now and increase your chances of success!

5. Price matters

Remember that even excellent photography (guaranteed by Splento) is no substitute for a good price. Price remains the best indicator and, thus, it has to be reasonable: neither over-cooked, nor massively under-priced. Photos are good, but real quality is what really matters for any customers.


As you can see, it is a more complex process that one might think at first. However, these photography tricks are supposed to make the process of selling a house faster and easier. Do you have any tricks or hacks to add? Please share in the comments below, as we truly want to hear all about it!

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