10 red flags to be aware of when hiring a conference photographer in London Avoid these major red flags when hiring a conference photographer


Conference photographers are essential for ensuring that your conference gets suitably captured so that you can use these photos from your conference in your future marketing strategy. Conference photography in London is a big deal and there are many London photographers that you can hire for your conference, so with that much choice, it is important that you choose the right conference photographer in London for you and your event. To get the best conference photos possible, avoid these major red flags when hiring a conference photographer.

10 Red Flags to Be Aware of When Hiring a Conference Photographer in London

Red flags to watch out for when hiring a conference photographer

1. Does not have a portfolio 

If your potential photographer does not have a portfolio for you to look through this should raise several alarm bells. For starters you cannot trust that they even have any experience at all, but if they do how can you be sure that their work will be in the style that you require for your marketing strategy?

2. Outdated website

An outdated website suggests that the conference photographer is not constantly working on their craft, and you cannot trust that they have been practising their photography recently. The consequences of a lack of recent experience will likely show in the conference photos you are delivered.

3. Dismisses your questions

In order to get the conference photos that you desire out of hiring a conference photographer, it is vital that you have an open dialogue with the photographer throughout the process. If they are dismissive of any questions that you have then how can you be confident that they will take even your shot list on board?

10 Red Flags to Be Aware of When Hiring a Conference Photographer in London

4. Cannot produce reviews

If your potential conference photographer cannot produce reviews upon request, then this is usually a red flag. A lack of ability to provide suitable references suggests that they have either never been given feedback at all or that what they have been told in response to their previous work has been negative.  

5. Amateur style 

There should be a professional standard to the images you find on the photographer’s portfolio, to reassure you that this is the quality you can expect for your own conference photos.

6. Hesitant to listen to your requests

As we have mentioned previously, conference photography should be a collaborative process between you as the conference host and the conference photographer. If the conference photographer is dismissive of your requests, the final images might not be what you were after.

7. Does not provide a contract

Conference photographers should provide a contract for you to sign to ensure you are in mutual agreement throughout the process.


10 Red Flags to Be Aware of When Hiring a Conference Photographer in London

8. Vague about pricing 

You will likely have a budget to stick to with your conference photography. If your prospective conference photographer does not give you a set price this raises alarm bells that they might try and overcharge you, adding on ‘extras’ as they go.

9. Absolute anonymity

If your conference photographer is completely anonymous, then this raises questions about the personability and integrity of their photography brand.

10. Insists on only taking ‘trendy’ photos

Insisting on only taking ‘trendy’ style photos is a rigid approach to the photographer’s craft and might lead them to miss great photo opportunities. 



If you simply avoid these red flags for event and conference photographers when hiring a conference photographer in London, we are sure that you will find your perfect match!

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