10 event photography tips every event photographer should know


Event photography can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, but there are many elements to it that you, as an event photographer, must learn. Whether you are capturing a corporate event or a wedding, carry on reading for 10 event photography tips that every event photographer should know!


10 Best Event Photographer Tricks

1. Research Your Event Photography Equipment

It is important before you begin your event photography journey to research your equipment and make sure that it is suitable for the type of events you will be photographing. 

Personally, we recommend a full-frame DSLR with at least a mid-range zoom. Invest in an external flash as well, as good lighting is essential for achieving event photography success. 


2. Frame Your Photographs

When capturing your photographs, you want to ensure that only the important moments are happening in the frame. You can achieve this by using a longer focal length and cropping the image tightly.


3. Checklist of Desired Images

There will be certain moments during the event that your client wants captured, so it is important that you make a note of this. You should discuss with your client what their expectations are before you attend their event.


4. Capture Spontaneous Moments 

Although we have stressed the importance of capturing your client’s desired images, do not solely capture the photos on your checklist. Make sure that you are flexible with your list and look out for candid moments that you think capture the essence of the event you are photographing.


5. Capture Emotions and Expressions

Capturing emotions and expressions goes hand in hand with taking candid event photographs. Capturing the expressions of the event attendees adds character to your event photographs.


Best event photographer tips


6. Capture the Setting 

Event photography settings are often as important to your clients as the event itself. Corporate settings, and wedding venues, are regularly valued by your clients. People spend so much time and effort on the setting of their event that they wish for it to be captured as an integral part of the event.


7. Tell a Story 

Your event photography will work best as a collective when it tells a story. You can create a narrative through your event photographs, by taking a combination of your checklist images and candid photographs. Behind-the-scenes photographs, for instance, the setting of the event before the attendees arrive, can also create a narrative.


8. Arrive Early 

Not only does arriving at the event early allow you to take photos of the setting before the attendees arrive, but it also fills your client with confidence that you will be punctual with the delivery of their photos. It will mean they have trust in your event photography services.


9. Present Yourself Professionally 

When photographing an event, it is not essential to necessarily adopt that event’s dress code, but it is important to read the formality of the situation and dress accordingly. For example, it would be inappropriate to turn up to a corporate event or a wedding in sportswear.

You need to present yourself as the professional event photographer that you are.


10. Be Approachable 

Lastly, you will get the best photos if your subjects feel comfortable in your presence, so it is extremely important that you are approachable.

We hope that our event photography ideas prove to be helpful to you.

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