What The Wizards Of The Marketing World Are Saying About Visual Content

Why Visual Content Marketing?


Once upon a time, in 2017, the great minds of marketing came together and thought, Why, oh why aren’t traditional marketing strategies working anymore? Then, the Elder One took to the floor and exclaimed, ”We’ve spent a bunch of money on TV, newspaper and tube ads like we always have done, but why can’t we see our sales growing like Jack’s beans, like they used to?” The Younger One raised his head from his mobile phone and said, “That’s because our last research revealed the terrible truth – customers don’t take traditional advertising seriously anymore! Everyone has AdBlocks on their gadgets, they skip adverts while watching TV and they pay no attention to newspaper ads these days.” The Elder One frowned and hung his head but then suddenly, a big smile beamed across his face and he proclaimed, “We shall use Visual Content Marketing!” and proceeded to explain why…

Why Visual Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing tools are losing their powers over consumers. This is because people don’t care for targeted advertising anymore. It’s not instant, it’s not interesting and they can see right through it. These days, the only way to grab their attention is through good-quality visual content. You can communicate your unique idea or message through one picture, in a second. But it’s worth noting that video production or 3D rendering is rather expensive and search engines don’t always recognise infographics, so really, the best option for us is imagery. How do you produce beautiful imagery? By using a professional photographer. You could try to save money by taking pictures for your website or blog with your own phone or by simply using stock photos, but why would you do that, when you could have professionally produced content that is tailored to your specific campaign message and brand and which are guaranteed to reach and engage your target audience?

Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in a professional photographer for your visual content marketing.

  1. To hone in on what your audience actually wants to see

Everything you do, marketing-wise, you do with the sole purpose of appealing to your target audience, right? If you forget about this, you may soon realise that your content doesn’t mean a thing to the people you’re trying to reach. This is why learning about your target audience is crucial. Your prospects are visual beings, as Sippy rightly points out in their blog post, so you need to figure out what they want to see, in conjunction to how they currently see your brand. Then use this knowledge for good! (and for tailoring your content to your audience, of course). Working with a professional photographer can be hugely beneficial in creating content that you know your audience will truly love and engage with.

  1. To produce high-quality content

You may be thinking that content Shot on an iPhone 6 will do just perfectly! Well, Apple’s “Shot on an iPhone 6” campaign is rather misleading, as you won’t actually produce high-quality content with an iPhone only. You will need professional retouching software and possess the editing skills and accuracy of a 10-person editing team (or can afford to hire a 10-person professional editing team). With internet speeds increasing each year, your prime focus should be on delivering beautiful, distinctive photos to represent your brand and your message. Working with a professional photographer means that you will have high-quality images, both technically and visually to represent your company, with not a bodged shot in sight.

  1. To boost your SEO

Imagine that you’ve opened an online store that sells handmade bags. You have nice website copy, nice social media copy and a nice blog all about how nice your bags are, but without professional photos of your product, it doesn’t mean a thing. People are overwhelmed by information every day. Purposeful, well-composed photos capture the attention and instantly engage, which means the difference between a scroll and a click.

  1. To stay sane

If you’ve ever tried to create good marketing content by yourself, you must be familiar with problems, such as changing colours, wrong file types or sizes and much more. A professional photographer will take care of all of that and save you peace of mind. It’s better to leave such a task in the safe hands of a professional because they know about composition, file types, editing and producing, so you are guaranteed to get the perfect images for your campaign.

  1. Because consistency is key

Working with pro photographers means that you will consistently be creating professional-quality visual content for your marketing communications. It also means that you can establish a consistent style and theme that accurately represents your brand and marketing messages.

In summary, we want to emphasise that all businesses have their own reasons to use professional photographers for visual content marketing, but for most, it can provide them with exclusive and unique visual content for their marketing. And one thing that we can all agree on, young or old, with is that those who use visual content marketing are those who make all the money and live happily ever after.