What Makes a Good Videographer? Getting to know the professional behind the camera


It’s difficult to make a choice of videography professionals with the ocean of options out in the world. A simple Google search won’t cut it anymore as there are many other aspects that factor into a videographer’s performance. Sure, there may be hundreds of positive reviews and a great portfolio to impress the audience, but you can always go the extra mile to find a videographer who isn’t just good at what they do, but also a great fit for you. Here are some qualities that make up a good videographer, to keep in mind while hiring your next video production professional.

Technical skill

Easily the most important quality required in a good videographer, technical know-how of the industry ensures that they can handle any kind work assigned. There are quite a few technical details that a videographer must possess in order to deliver high-quality results. This includes perfecting every step of the process from camera settings to video editing. Every project will need different requirements, and only a skilled professional will know how to adapt to these requests.

Keen Learner

With the video production industry rapidly progressing in terms of technology and new techniques, it’s important for a good videographer to stay updated on these advancements. The greatest videographers strive to learn and improve their skills to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry. It’s also important for the videographer to learn about the client’s industry to understand their needs and what they want to achieve with the video. In the long run, this creates a respectable reputation for a videographer, which spreads like wildfire.

Timely Delivery

Patience is a scarce commodity in the world today and not very common in the world of videography either. A good videographer has the ability to adhere to deadlines and sometimes deliver in advance as well. They neither procrastinate nor take on more work than they can handle. Hire a videographer who works fast enough to meet your deadlines but does not compromise on quality in exchange for speed.   

Quality Equipment

It’s important that the videographer you hire has the equipment to shoot your event or project. Do you need three cameras, an extra zoom lens, or even a drone for your shoot? These are points worth bringing up with your videographer. A good videographer is equipped with a wide range of tools to capture any kind of requirements that the client is seeking. It’s safe to say, nobody wants a videographer to show up with equipment that still records on VHS cassette tapes.


Lastly, and most importantly, a good videographer must have honesty and integrity embedded in their personality. This makes sure that they put all their effort into perfecting your project while giving timely updates to know you’re satisfied with the progress. Good videographers will not take advantage of their clients by charging exorbitant amounts of money. It’s always a good idea to meet your videographer before the shoot to determine if their character fits the needs of the project. If this is not possible, checking out reviews and speaking to previous clients can also act as a good gauge of a videographer’s integrity.                                    

Finding a good videographer isn’t hard, but it does require some amount of research either in person or through online resources. There may be plenty of videographers out there but Splento has already found the good ones that fit all the above qualities.  Book your videographer with Splento in order to find the perfect match for your video needs today!