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As a visual media providing startup ourselves, Splento are in a unique position to cast an eye around and identify those newer companies which have some amazing solutions to help our social media grow.

As businesses, we all have different needs and require different resources, but here, among the 20 listed below, we are sure that you will find a few that could seriously save you time, money or more realistically, both.

More importantly, they provide a set of essential tools that will help your social media campaign grow and go from strength to strength.


Zapier is a great innovation which links together – and automates – all your various apps that you use. It is designed to take away all the repetitive tasks that you continuously repeat on a regular basis. Simply select the apps you use and select a pre-defined set of tasks you wish to complete. For example – every email you receive to your work email address with attachments – automatically upload those attachments to your Dropbox account…or forward them to your PA, or…well, there are thousands of templates. And you can always customise your own.

Zapier Logo

Founded: 2011

Bryan Helmig, Mike Knoop, Wade Foster

Total funding: $2.7m

Web: www.zapier.com


IFTTT Connect introduces a flexible API and SDK package that empowers your business to bring any of its 650+ services on IFTTT directly into your app, emails, and website with embeddable connections. They describe themselves as the world’s leading connectivity platform, connecting apps and devices. A low-code alternative to building your own integrations in-house.


Founded: 2010

Alexander Tibbets, Linden Tibbets

Total funding: $62.5m

Web: www.ifttt.com


Canva is an online design and publishing platform, providing user friendly design tools for people who don’t think they are designers! They provide tools drag and drop tools that anyone can use to design presentations, social media graphics and more using a combination of images, filters, icons, text, graphics and effects – including animation.

Canva Logo

Founded: 2012

Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht, Melanie Perkins

Total funding: $301.6m

Web: www.canva.com


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. With free and paid-for versions, Trello is a drag and drop interface that is as simple as using post-it notes on a wall. Organise your tasks visually, plan, and keep in control.

Trello Logo

Founded: 2011

Joel Spolsky, Michael Pryor

Total funding: $10.3m

Web: www.trello.com


A powerful social media management tool for growing brands, Buffer allows you to plan and then schedule your social media posts – all from one place! It also provides analytics data and engagement feedback so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your social media presence all from one location.

Buffer Logo

Founded: 2010

Joel Gascoigne, Leo Widrich, Tom Moor

Total funding: $4m

Web: www.buffer.com


A collaboration and team communication platform, Slack enables teams to communicate seamlessly, privately and share knowledge and resources instantly. Slack allows for a group chat, private chat and even a channel you can invite clients to – enabling everyone to be in the loop at the level of information they need.

Slack Logo

Founded: 2009

Cal Henderson, Eric Costello, Serguei Mourachov, Stewart Butterfield

Total funding: $1.4b

Web: www.slack.com


YouScan is a social media listening platform that helps major brands and agencies to listen to consumer opinions and find vital insight. It gives you important feedback for marketing and research, reputation management and customer support. Youscan also detects sentiment, categorises by essential topics, discover trends and bring you a fast and clear mention stream, all backed by powerful analytical tools and reports.

YouScan Logo

Founded: 2009

Alexey Orap

Total funding: $1.3m

Web: www.youscan.io


Dixa describes itself as a customer friendship platform that helps brands build stronger bonds with their customers and eliminate bad customer service through unifying all communication channels and customer data in one platform. This enables agents to help customers faster and have more meaningful conversations, resulting in a better overall customer experience. They claim to save 20% of every customer agent’s time.

Dixa Logo

Founded: 2015

Jacob Vous Petersen, Jakob Nederby Nielsen, Krisztian Tabori, Mads Fosselius

Total funding: $52.9m

Web: www.dixa.com


Buzzsumo provides data-driven insights to research, amplify and monitor your content marketing, along with simplified content creation, influencer outreach and trend identification. Discover high performing content, identify influencers to power your campaign and monitor comments and trends to allow you to respond immediately.

Buzzsumo Logo

Founded: 2014

Henley Wing, James Blackwell

Total funding: nk

Web: www.buzzsumo.com


The only photo and video service you’ll ever need. Splento provides professional photography and videography around the world and delivery within 24 hours. They provide high-quality services to event organisers, venue marketplaces, holiday rental, food delivery startups and anyone else that needs visual content – from a single image up to thousands of sessions on a regular basis. There are no binding contracts and no minimum spends. Booking is made online or via API/CRM. Being creatives themselves, they are constantly pushing the envelope on services, such as developing Splento Platform for online project management and the integration of AI.

Splento logo

Founded: 2015

Roman Grigoriev

Total funding: £1m

Web: www.splento.com


Another social media manager, Hootsuite is the most widely used platform that integrates all your social media presence across multiple platforms, into one integrated dashboard. It also allows management of your social media ads and provides a central location for all your branded content.

Hootsuite Logo

Founded: 2008

Dario Meli, David Tedman, Ryan Holmes

Total funding: $299.9m

Web: www.hootsuite.com


Upgrade your brand experience with powerful social analytics and management tools. Nuvi is a customer experience management platform built on a proprietary language engine which listens with industry-leading accuracy. Nuvi helps you listen, plan, publish, engage, analyze, locate, review, and capture your way to better customer experiences. If you use social media, Nuvi will help you manage it all.

Nuvi Logo

Founded: 2012

David Oldham

Total funding: nk

Web: www.nuvi.com


ClickUp is an online platform and app that brings tasks, docs, spreadsheets, goal tracking, resources, and an inbox all together in one place. ClickUp offers all-in-one customizable workplace productivity platform that serves all departments across an organization. And automates workflow management too! An amazing all-rounder for project management and team collaboration. If you can’t get organised, get ClickUp.

ClickUp Logo

Founded: 2017

Alex Yurkowski, Zeb Evans

Total funding: $37.5m

Web: www.clickup.com


TINT’s platform empowers marketers find, curate, and display customer generated content from social media onto their content outlets. TINT lets you find, own and display authentic user generated content across all your marketing campaigns, websites, apps and displays, which helps increase trust. It enables social content aggregation.

Tint Logo

Founded: 2013

Nikhil Aitharaju, Ryo Chiba, Tim Sae Koo

Total funding: $350k

Web: www.tintup.com


Chatfuel describes itself as the leading no-code chatbot platform for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, powering over 1 billion conversations per month. The platform has an intuitive visual interface that enables non-technical and business users design and build chatbot flows and establish conversational rules..

Chatfuel Logo

Founded: 2015

Dmitry Dumik

Total funding: $120k

Web: www.chatfuel.com


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