Slammer: A Film Premiere like no other How Splento created the visual content for an upcoming film release in Leicester Square, captured the premiere and delivered marketing collateral for its promotional materials


Slammer – soon due for release – is a sci-fi thriller with a future-tech twist (we can’t say more – sorry!).

When pioneering scientist Ann Waterman is kidnapped, becoming a human lab rat in a futuristic prison cell, she must confront her personal demons and decipher the identity of her captor to uncover a mystery of global significance.

How Slammer used Splento: Premiere launch afternoon and Red Carpet screening

Film Premiere event: Across an exciting afternoon and evening, Slammer’s premiere was held across three events in three top London locations – and Splento was there to capture every moment.

Fast Delivery: Retouched Images within 24 hours

Super fast delivery of all the photographs meant that not only was the film’s website able to be updated in a flash – but also all their social media platforms. Instant updates drive social media – and photos available within 24 hours means not only social media material but up to the minute press releases. 

High-Quality Content: Professional Portrait Photographs

One essential of any professional launch of any kind is a press wall – and the Slammer Premiere was no exception. Quality images of the producers, actors, key collaborators and attendees meant that everyone enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. 

Q & A with Slammer and Splento

  • How did you plan the event coverage with Splento?

We had a couple of in-depth meetings with Splento first of all, to be clear about what we wanted from the event, in terms of visuals. After everyone was on board and knew what was happening when final arrangements and tweaks were made by email. As with all such events, communication is key, and Splento understands this.

  • Was it an easy brief, in your opinion?

Not at all. Not as complex as shooting a movie perhaps, but the brief still covered three main locations, in a limited amount of time. As a live event, Splento had no chance of retakes – and the ‘cast’ involved over 600 guests in total. It’s a fairly major challenge to cover all those aspects and still manage to pull off an exceptional range of deliverables – and do it all in such a short amount of time.

  • How did the event turn out for you? 

A success! It was an amazing launch and everything went well. We kicked off with an afternoon tea at The Hampshire Hotel in Leicester Square, with tea and speeches in their Penthouse space.

After this was a wonderful Red Carpet experience entering the Leicester Square Odeon Luxe with about 600 guests. There was a press wall in the entrance and a reception as well in their Oscar’s Bar for the sponsors.

Next – the main event. The movie screening, with cast presentations and a brief Q & A afterwards.

Finally, it was on to the Ruby Blue nightclub for the rest of the evening (and much of the early morning as well), for around 250 people.

  • We know about the film’s cast, but how was Splento’s performance?

Superb. You can judge for yourself by looking at the final images.

Anyone who can cover three events in one, with so many people, and produce such excellent results, is a first-class act in our book.

  • How have you used the images Splento produced?

In every way possible! They are currently adorning our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Premieres are an important key event in the creation of a film and bringing it to the public attention, so getting quality visuals is essential. And the more the better. With the deliverables from Splento, we have enough to keep the buzz centred on the film for some time to come. It’s great.

A few questions for Splento now –


  • How did you find the planning of the event?

As with anything challenging, it’s most of all a matter of understanding the results that the client wants and how they want them to look. Slammer were great, because they knew what they wanted and knew how to communicate it well – it only took a couple of meetings to be able to create a detailed brief; what shots were required in which locations, the style of each shoot, the message that was to be conveyed at each point and so on.

  • But there is more to it than reading a brief and turning up on the day?

Indeed there is. Once we knew what was required, our Creative Director completed a recce of each of the locations – hotel, the cinema and the nightclub. Only by doing this properly can we understand the venues, the lighting, the equipment we need our photographers to bring. We can also discuss planning details with the staff at each location, and work around any accommodations that they may require, as we will be on their premises.

We’ve found from experience that a personal visit to locations also goes a long way in building working relationships with the staff and managers of the premises, which is always helpful when it comes to getting the best photos. 

  • And how did you find the day itself?

For our photographers – it was a busy day! But the results speak for themselves, as they always do. From our side, everything went smoothly. We hit the brief, produced the results the client was looking for and – we will say it again – as always it comes down to the same things. Proper planning prevents poor performance.

Great planning, great communication from both sides, and a great brief, together with the greatest photographers, will always result in great photos!

If our client is happy, we are happy.

Back to Slammer for the final words –

  • Are you happy?

Absolutely. Extremely.  

  • Could you sum up your overall experience with Splento in 3 words?

Professional, precise, perfect.  


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