Pokémon Go: Lessons Learned and How to Apply its Success to Your Business

Pokémon Go: Lessons Learned and How to Apply its Success to Your Business


What this Pokemon Go rush is all about? Well, number of things such as: 90s nostalgia, augmented reality and the idea that people need to get out more often, all these factors lead to millions of people out of their homes onto the streets trying to catch those elusive Pokemons.

Pokémon Go is so mainstream that players are posting their adventures while out partying with friends, at the gym or even on vacation. The app’s popularity exceeded the daily active users of Twitter (on Android platform). Pokemon Go is also being chosen over Facebook. Statistics show the following numbers: over 50% of Pokémon players are Millennials, Generation X (ages 35 and 50) make up further 24% and 11% are somewhere between 7 and 20 years old. That’s not all – 9% are 52 to 75+-year-olds who also play Pokémon Go!

But what does it have to do with your business, you may ask? Actually, a lot! You can use Pokémon Go Rush to your advantage, and here are some examples how.

1.Request a PokéStop for Your Business

Get a so called PokéStop or Gym for your business, which will make your location attract rare Pokemons or hold Pokemon battles. Your business location will be marked by a special blue spot on a map with a description attached to it that will attract attention of Pokemon hunters aka your potential clients.

2. Lure Your Customers with A ‘Lure’ Option

If you request to acquire PokeStop or Gym spot are decliend for some reason, just try to buy Lure item for only $1, which attracts rare pokemons for a period of 30 mins. Savvy business owners are already using it to boost foot traffic in their area. More people, more money.

3. Offer Free Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

As this game is quite battery-consuming, offering free access to Wi-Fi and charging station would be a great benefit to all Pokémon players. Your place may turn to a perfect destination for those who are willing to take a break. Spread the word through all your social media channel to make people aware of what you offer.

4. Make It Viral

As Pokémon Go is currently one of the top discussed topics on the internet, you might be the one who makes a contribution to this stream. For example, film your customers or even your own staff (with their permission, of course) whilst they play Pokémon Go and post these videos online, adding relevant hashtags. People will not only notice it, but also like it and even share, which means an organically driven marketing content for your business.

Or you can go even further and hold a proper Pokémon Go contest in your place. Complement this event with special offers on your product/service and don’t forget to capture best moments by hiring a professional photographer. And Splento can help you with that. Last minute affordable event photography is here for your use. It all starts with our accredited professionals, who will produce high quality shots for your customers and your business. Make event memorable and pleasant for all participants!

P.S. Do not forget to post these photos on your blog/website, so that Pokemon Go Fans could have a look.

5. Encourage Players to Check in While Playing

Your social engagement (and local Facebook page credibility) can be improved by asking players to check in while playing. Hopefully these check-ins will either lead to more players coming to your business or new reviews on your Facebook page. You never know!

Hopefully you will find these tips useful for your marketing strategy. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

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