Terrific Tips That Show How to Turn Your Website Visitors into Clients – GUARANTEED!

Terrific Tips That Show How to Turn Your Website Visitors into Clients – GUARANTEED!


Your website is your online business card representing your company with the main aim of attracting new customers. But it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of it because low traffic of visitors is definitely not a good sign for you and your business. In order to avoid or solve this problem you should use the following helpful strategies:

1.    Keep your main message concise.

All high-converting sites have one common feature: short eye-catching greeting caption (or message) on its main page. It is important to keep it neat since you don’t want to confuse your customers with loads of practically useless texts distracting their attention. That is why an informative photo or video may be the best description of what your business offers. Splento can help you with that: just order one of our highly qualified photographers on demand to take professional photographs for your online marketing campaign. If you make up your mind, professional photographers from Splento would be delighted to help even at short notice.

2.    Create a Call to Action

You have to make your customer DO things on your website rather than simply asking to have a look. A ‘call-to-action’ such as ‘Try it here’ or ‘Buy it now’ sounds much better than simple ‘Learn more’.

3.    Generate fresh content.

It is important to provide a reason for your customers to come back to your website. You can try posting relevant news, useful tutorials or professional expertise to your website blog. This type of content would be highly valued by your existing customers and even newcomers, who may find your post through a search engine enquiry.

4.    Create Landing Pages

Keep in mind that your homepage is not the main destination. If you really want to increase your website productivity, we recommend creating special landing pages for different products and services you offer. When clicking on the ad of your business, customers will be directed to a specific service they are interested in. The more specific and relevant the landing page, the more conversion rates will increase. As mentioned previously, informative picture on your website may be worth more than a thousand words. With Splento and its professional photography team, it is easy to come up with perfect pictures that will suit any requirement. Just £49 per hour and you might be one step closer to creating a perfect-looking landing page.

5.    Smartphone Design Check

In the age of smartphones people tend to use mobile devices more frequently than PCs since it’s more convenient. That is why you have to make sure that your website works correctly on all possible platforms: right sized buttons, appropriate font, no overlapping images, etc. Please note that more than half of all mobile searches lead to sales.

All these tips have already helped hundreds of businesses to turn a large part of their website visitors into their clients. Feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below.

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