Making a great impression: Tips for marketing Valentine’s Day events Generating the most business from this most special of days


It being such an important event in the social calendar, your local area can easily become saturated with Valentine Day’s events. Therefore, if you are hosting a Valentine’s Day event yourself it is important that your marketing strategy is spot on so that your Valentine’s event can stand out from all the others!

Here, we have some great tips on creating an effective marketing strategy for your Valentine’s Day event: 

    • Defining your target audience 
    • Utilising social media 
    • Email marketing 
    • Traditional marketing 
    • Importance of event photography 
    • Creative urgency 


Defining your target audience 

If you are looking at marketing for Valentine’s Day in particular, then it is expected that your target demographic will be couples. Valentine’s day events are usually for couples on a date, or singles looking to secure a date!

Defining your target audience can help you to create tailored marketing campaigns. A Valentine’s Day marketing campaign should feature many happy couples and graphics pertaining to love. 


Making a great impression: Tips for marketing Valentine’s Day events


Utilising social media 

Social media will be your best friend in your marketing strategy for your Valentine’s Day event.

 Social media is a great tool for you to engage with your event audience and ultimately increase attendance. Using social media in your marketing strategy allows you to connect with your attendees on a more regular – and more personal – basis and you can be in contact with your attendees before your event, during your event, and even after your event. 

Planning ahead with your social media posts for your Valentine’s Day event is definitely essential. There are many platforms out there that allow you to schedule your social media posts for a later date and ensure that you post consistently across all your platforms – Hootsuite is a great example. Attractive graphics on image-heavy social media platforms such as Instagram are useful for informing your potential attendees about your event.

Furthermore, if you really want to make the most of social media as a marketing tool, we recommend using social media ads and influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience. Influencers have a great deal of power in the current climate, and they can use their platform to get the word out there to their followers. By working with an influencer that has an audience comprised of your target market, you can get the word out there about your Valentine’s Day efficiently. 


Email marketing  

Email marketing can be a tough one to crack because you want to ensure that your events campaign stands out in a crowded inbox. 

Sending VIP outreach emails is a great option for your Valentine’s Day event. If your recipient feels like they are a valued client and have been specifically chosen to be informed about your event, then that goes a long way to building rapport between yourself and your client.

To make your emails stand out in your client’s inbox, you will need to have a gripping subject line. To write an outstanding subject line, keep it short, limit the punctuation you use, and add a touch of personalisation (a common theme in email marketing).


Traditional marketing

 Alternatively, you might wish to take a more traditional approach to marketing and consider flyers, brochures, and/or posters to promote your event. You can add information about your Valentine’s Day event to one of these media and then strategically place them in a nearby location that your target audience frequents. 

Local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations are also very useful for local event promotion. Like social media advertisements, you can advertise your event in physical print in order to attract your target audience. 

Similarly, a further traditional marketing tool that might be of use to you in promoting your Valentine’s Day event is using printed ads and sponsored content in order to reach a wider audience.

Making a great impression: Tips for marketing Valentine’s Day events

Importance of event photography 

Excellent event photographs will truly enhance your marketing strategy for your Valentine’s Day event. Professional event photographers can take beautiful photos of your venue and capture your attendees enjoying themselves which works well to paint your event in a positive light, and helps persuade people to attend your future events. 

You can use your event photos in your marketing strategy by adding them to your website, social media graphics, email correspondence and any flyers and any Valentine’s Day template like flyers and brochures you might choose to create. 

Finding an event photographer near you involves careful planning around what you want out of an event photographer and which ones work best in your local area.

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Creative urgency 

Creating a sense of urgency around your event is an excellent way to increase ticket sales. You can create a sense of urgency that will encourage potential customers to purchase a ticket to your Valentine’s Day event by running limited-time promotions and discounts. These are proven to drive ticket sales.  


In summary, when it comes to marketing your Valentine’s Day event there are many different options – from email marketing to social media marketing, as well as the more traditional approaches to marketing such as flyers and brochures. Ultimately, a combination of several marketing methods is usually the most effective marketing strategy for your Valentine’s Day event.

Using these tips in your Valentine’s Day marketing for your Valentine’s Day event should ensure that your event has a winning number of satisfied attendees.


Valentines Day marketing

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