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There’s nothing easier to sell in the world than glitz and glamour. We may work a 9 to 5 desk job, and eat pretzels for breakfast from a side cart, but that doesn’t stop anyone from dreaming. So when it comes to buying a luxury home everyone’s going to be breaking open their piggy banks – or at least they used to.

When Covid brought along its friend – uncertainty – everything went haywire. Now, people think twice about buying the breakfast pretzel let alone a luxury home. So when real estate businesses try to sell these premium properties in this economic climate, it’s going to need a little bit of a push. 

Using video to sell luxury homes is the best way to put your buyer’s fears to rest. Luxury home videos can be used to highlight the fabulous lifestyle you could be living in the near future. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s to not delay your happiness.  

If you’re selling a unique, premium property (not to mention expensive) then a real estate video of the highest quality is the best way to attract interested buyers. But videos for luxury homes require more effort and attention than regular properties. So here are some pointers for creating luxury property videos.

Hire experts

As much as we love seeing realtors doing a great job making video tours of their properties, luxury houses require a more delicate and professional touch. The expertise and talent required to shoot a premium property at its finest isn’t the kind you can gain with a couple of videos. Professional agencies will have 4K technology to shoot high quality videos and will also know the tricks to highlight the best amenities in their videos. 


Get creative

When your buyer views a luxury home video, the quality of visual aesthetics is a huge reflection on the quality of the house. Even the Playboy mansion would probably go unsold if the video was grainy and the audio out of sync. 

With all the technological advancements available in the world of video, realtors can experiment with drones and virtual reality to deliver more innovative visuals to potential buyers. 


Give a taste of the neighbourhood

Sometimes, the buyers don’t even want the house – they just want the lifestyle that the house represents. Most luxury homes are located in high-end neighbourhoods, so use this to your advantage. Individuals will be more interested in buying a luxury home if they can get a stunning locality to go along with it. 

If the luxury property is located by a beach, then capture the sunset at the beach. If you’re selling a luxury apartment on the 30th floor of a skyscraper, then show a view of the skyline. We’re definitely suckers for a good view, and your buyers are too. 


Mention the history of the house

What would you say if we told you the house you’re living in right now is where Beyoncé grew up? Well don’t go fainting on us yet. Everybody loves a good story for their homes, so dig a little deeper into the property’s history – did a local celebrity ever live there? Was a famous film shot in the locality? All of this can act as a selling point simply because it gives the buyer bragging rights. Highlights like this are great add-ons in a video promo for a luxury property.


People usually find it hard to imagine themselves in a house but with the help of property videos you can make it easier and relatable. Investing in luxury property videos is a huge pay off when you finally close on the house. 

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