Linkedin during Lockdown: 6 easy tips to boost your employability during lockdown Calling all 2020 Graduates, furloughed employees, career-transitioners: Boost your employability on Linkedin during lockdown using these 6 easy tips.


This year has put forth quite possibly the most challenging job-market to dive into. As businesses and recruitment move online, digital presence has never been so crucial.  It’s time to revitalise your online persona. You can prepare yourself for this ever-changing world by adapting to and taking advantage of, the new normal. 

Here are 6 simple and effective tips for Linkedin to boost your employability during lockdown. 


  • Rewrite and update your data. 

Have you left your Linkedin untouched since you started your account? Employers love Linkedin because it is an efficient way to vet backgrounds and learn about prospective employees’ past experience, skills, and education. Take an hour or two out of your day, and thoroughly fill out your biodata, educational background, and employment history. Be sure to also include your skills, passions, and notable accomplishments. Linkedin measures the comprehensiveness of your profile and indicates what may be missing, so you’ll never be lost! 

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  • Get your headline and summary in order.

Your headline and summary are perfect opportunities to personalise your profile. Be warm and express your true self, offer the chance for your target audience to get to know you beyond your job title and name. The summary can also be a great opportunity for graduates to express what careers they want to go into and job opportunities they are looking for. The more specific and unique you can be – the better, as you will render yourself more employable. If 120 characters seem too few to encapsulate your personality, a trick is to use the iPhone app to edit your headline (Go over 200+)! Go forth and set yourself apart from the crowd. 

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  • But first, please take a selfie! 

Are you still a grey vaguely shaped gender-neutral avatar placed upon a boring blue backdrop? Check out portrait mode on your phone and get experimenting! A profile photo will make you 36 times more likely to receive messages. Furthermore, a professional headshot will get you 14 times the views than a regular picture will. You can even make an at-home headshot look professional with free photo retouching services. If you are unsure of what to wear or how to pose, find others in your target industry and match their attire and demeanour. Your profile photo is a window into your personality, energy, and charisma. Make it count. And finally, don’t forget to smile! 

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  • Bring your CV to life with a video.

Today, a Video CV is a must-have in any job seeker’s toolbox. A multi-media approach ensures that your viewers have all eyes and ears on you. It’s a great way to befriend your viewer while showcasing your confidence, charisma and presentation skills. Video CVs are on their way to disrupting traditional resumes, so get ahead of the race with your very own ‘Get to know me’ video. What’s more; you don’t have to be a natural public speaker; video CVs can come in all formats and styles (including animations and mock interviews!) – yet another way for you to personalise your profile and express your individuality while catering to your target industry. 

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  • Enhance your skills and experience.

Being in lockdown can take a toll on your productivity, but it’s up to you to make the most of the newfound time on your hands. There are a range of remote internships, work from home jobs and online courses you can participate in. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to learn new skills if you are looking to make a career transition. A remote internship or online course reflects on your ability to take initiative, problem-solve and excel, in spite of adverse circumstances. Undertakings such as these will not go unnoticed to recruiters and future employers.

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  • Connect and build references.

Whether you are a new graduate or a professionally experienced individual, it’s never too late to start making connections online. Expanding your network online can be extremely beneficial for your career. Move further with people from your company, similar industries, and mutual connections. Adding personal notes to connection requests can augment your acceptance rate. References from past managers can also help build your profile in a holistic fashion, so be sure to reach out! 

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Lastly, keep at it! Engaging with your online profile on a regular basis builds your online persona. Advertise your Linkedin URL where you can and keep adding posts, photos, and updates as your career and personal development progresses. While this cannot guarantee your dream job (but hey, it could happen!), you will definitely see a rise in profile views and visibility from recruiters. Use these tips to put your best foot forward and make your Linkedin profile a one-stop-shop of sorts, for you. You will find it will make your job application process extraordinarily easier as well. 

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