How video can boost your website and social SEO Improve your SEO using video production services


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not just a key skill to promote on your resume or a technical term to throw around in marketing meetings. It is the process of optimising your web content so that your targeted audience can easily find it through search engines such as Google.  

While text and images can be a functional way to convey information, website and social media videos can give you an extra edge in terms of boosting your search rankings and making your site stand out online.

Video can be an extremely powerful tool for improving  SEO and outranking your competitors’ website and social media. If you’re new to the world of video marketing there are ways you can ensure that your content doesn’t get lost out there amongst all of the grumpy cat videos. 


How video helps SEO rankings

Improves the quality of content

Search engines don’t just scan for keywords and rank accordingly. They often look for quality content that can provide valuable information to the searcher and answer their queries. 

Videos are a way to provide quality, visual content with useful information – and search engines, including Google, know it and actively look for it. This is why you can see that search engines prioritize sites that include videos along with other content forms. 

Imagine you’re launching a new product. The best way to optimize your content for search engines would be to write an article on the product launch and pair it with a video of how the product will look and work. Using combinations of content forms are a great way to show search engines that you’re doing your best to answer queries that best help the consumer. 


Creates backlinks

A majority of viewers who watch a video are likely to share it to their own pages or platforms. So using video content can help increase the number of backlinks created to your website or social media page. When it comes to SEO rankings, the quality and count of backlinks to your content can help improve your spot on the search engine results page. 

Using the same product launch example, imagine if a buzz is created around your new product and an online magazine decides to share your video in their article. Not only is your video now accessible to a larger audience, but you now have a quality backlink to boost your SEO ranking. 


Lower bounce rates

Videos have the tendency to be more engaging than text or photos, which encourages users to spend more time on your website or social media page. It goes a long way in improving the user experience of a person redirected to this content, and thus cuts down on the bounce rate of your landing page. 

People spending more time on the site instead of leaving it immediately is a good sign of quality content. Search engines can recognise these signals and rank sites according to their ability to engage searchers. 

Remember to add essential information in the backend so that the search engine crawlers know how to rank your video content. This means adding keywords in your title tag and meta description.

If you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking and increase audience traffic to your website or social media page, creating relevant and engaging video content is the best path to take. 

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