How to make a 360 virtual tour video of a home Using virtual reality to sell houses faster


In the real estate market, conventional marketing forms like photos and videos can’t give an accurate sense of what the house would look like. With the help of virtual reality, realtors can now create 360 virtual tour videos of homes to allow viewers to explore the house in any direction to notice even the smallest of details. This also allows buyers that live far away to get a feel for the house before travelling a long way to see it in person. 

The quality of 360 virtual tours plays a huge role in selling the house. So if you’re planning on creating your own 360 virtual tours, here’s our guide on how to go about it.

Creating a 360 virtual tour

1. Buy or rent your camera

Since professional quality 360-degree cameras are pricey, the choice between buying or renting a camera depends on the long term goal of your real estate business. If the 360 virtual tour is just for one house, then renting (or hiring a professional) would be the path to take. However, if the realtor wants to make virtual tours on a regular basis for most of their listings, then it’d be a better choice to buy a high-end camera. When making the purchase decision ensure that the camera can capture a minimum 90 frames per second, as anything less than that can cause disorientation for the viewers. 

 2. Plan the video

Before the actual shooting, you can plan your video every step of the way. List down the amenities you want to focus on, and create a flow from room to room so that the viewer feels like they’re actually walking through the house. Plan your camera placements depending on the size of the room and the features you want to bring to the viewers’ attention. You can even tape down a small ‘X’ mark to make things easier for the actual shoot. 

 3. Capture the room

You might need multiple shoots to get the perfect shot, but make sure the video is captured right; substandard quality will only reflect poorly on you. Usually, the best shot is from the centre of the room, but use your judgement when it comes to camera positions; there may be better angles to focus on or you might want to draw attention away from certain aspects of the house.

 4. Stitching together the shots

There are quite a lot of options when it comes to editing software for making 360 virtual tour videos. Do your research, and find one that not only fits well into your budget but is also capable of capturing high-quality footage. Combine all the shots together and add special effects and animations that you think might make the viewers’ experience more enjoyable. Try to portray the house as accurately as possible in its best form, but don’t oversell the property as this could lead to disappointment during the in-person viewing. 

 5. Share the video

The final and easiest step of the process is to get the virtual tour out on the internet so it can reach all potential buyers. Once you’re done editing your virtual tour, your selected software should generate a link that can be shared on your social media pages and website. If security is of concern to the seller, make sure the virtual tour isn’t available to just anyone, but only to potential leads.


Creating 360 virtual tours of houses are a great way to promote the house and secure a sale faster. With the help of such advanced technology, your clients can access and view properties across the world or even across the city (due to pandemic restrictions). 

Rather than investing in expensive technology – especially at the start – and learning to use the software required, try out your first few 360 videos by hiring a specialist who can handle the complete job for you, start to finish, and on time.

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