Creative Ideas for 360 Virtual Tours View before you visit


Just like you take a car for a test-drive, you can now experience your home before you buy it – or even visit it for that matter. With the help of 360 virtual tours, real estate businesses can now offer detailed tours of the house to buyers online. Read all about 360 virtual tours for real estate here.

Virtual reality is real estate gold and as it becomes more accessible, more companies in the real estate industry seem to be investing in this technology. 360 virtual tours break down physical barriers so that potential buyers can avoid long and expensive journeys to view the property in person. If you’d like to create a good experience for prospective buyers, 360 virtual tours will do the trick. But for a great experience, you might have to get a bit more creative.


Ideas for creative 360 virtual tours

1. Integrate interactive floor plans

Using the power of advanced software, realtors can now create 3D floor plans to allow buyers to have a better understanding of the space. You can then make your floor plan more interactive by adding photos, videos, and notes, to give a perfect sense of the house dimensions as well as its interiors. Such an in-depth first look at the property will create a better first impression, and generate more interest among buyers.


2. Use Interactive Tags

Sometimes, viewers may be very impressed with the virtual tour, but may still find themselves leaving with incomplete information. When creating a 360 virtual tour of your property, feel free to use interactive tags to add descriptions, images, or even documents so that the viewer has access to important details without having to leave the tour. Using interactive tags, realtors can draw attention to special features of the property and highlight the details of extravagant amenities. While high-quality software allows the use of this feature, not all do. So keep this in mind while picking out your software.


3. Capture the Neighbourhood

Most realtors focus on virtual tours of the property while disregarding the neighbourhood. But a majority of buyers favour a property depending on its neighbourhood and location. Nobody wants a spacious five-bedroom modern house in a flood-prone locality, with little or no amenities. A good idea to show off the neighbourhood would be to capture 360 videos of prime areas of the neighbourhood as well, just to give buyers a taste of their future (if they were to buy the property). The panoramic sight of a beautiful blue beach or a lush green park can sell a location in no time. 


4. Add 360 photos to the 360 virtual video tour

To allow viewers to have additional access to parts of the property, it would be a good idea to incorporate 360 photos into your 360 video tour. This way the video focuses on the important aspects of the property, while viewers are given the option to further explore specific parts of the house like the front porch or the garden out back. 


The digital world of a real estate business is constantly progressing from photo to video and now to 360 virtual tours. The simplest form of virtual reality is accessible to a majority of realtors out there, so it’s important to go beyond 360 virtual tours and get more creative. What we’ve listed is just the nudge you need to launch your real estate business into the forefront of virtual reality. 


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