33 business video ideas you can actually use Need inspiration for a business video? Read on…


Video is the medium of the moment. Correction. Video is the medium of the future.

Visual media is an essential component of a business. Not only marketing, where it is vital, but with the world going online (faster now than ever before), it has become an important part of all communication – whether that is with your customers, other businesses or your employees.

And out of the myriad of visual media options, video has become the darling of them all. For more detail, read why you need to market with video today.

Hardware and production costs have come down at the same time that distribution channels and, crucially, delivery speeds have risen dramatically.

So what are we to do with this new power at our fingertips?

Here are 33 business video ideas (grouped into 3 broad categories) that will help you get creative and – more importantly – get communicating with the people you need to the most.

Making a video - Video Business Ideas

1. Video ideas for sales communications

Product introduction video

If you have a new product – use videos as a teaser for the launch. These work well across social media platforms and build anticipation for what is about to happen. The video itself may show a glimpse of the product or just be some subtle clues with branding. These get people talking before the launch!

Product launch

When your product does launch, cover the web with the news! Product launches are exciting and can generate huge interest and energy. Tap into this by using video as part of your launch announcements.

Product demo

A product demo video is simple enough; alongside your product photography on your eCommerce platform, show a video highlighting the best features, use and benefits.

Woman working on a car - Video Business Ideas

10-second featurettes

If you have a product with many unique features all vying for attention, show them all off individually in short 10-15 second demo videos, rather than try to cover everything in one long shoot. Short and catchy, they give equal weight and emphasis to all your selling points.

Q & A with customers

Link up with some of your customers, have a Q & A session and record it. Simple!

FAQ video

Similar to a Q & A, but without the audience participation. Make a short video covering the main FAQs that are on your website or that come from customers and enquirers. This type of video works well with many different styles – live interview, animation, whiteboard video and many others.

Thank you

When a customer buys from you – say thank you! Rather than just a plain email, how about sending them a short video saying thanks? Far more impact and making the extra effort to say ‘thanks’ pays dividends in customer relations.

Thank you card - Video Business Ideas

Sales follow up

A follow up to the Thank You – send another video after a couple more weeks to check in with your customer. You are reaching out to make sure that they are happy with their purchase and giving contact in case they have any questions. It’s also a great time to ask for feedback too – you can incentivise with a thank you for giving a review too (entry into a draw for example – a chance to win…)

Product-review video

These can be organised and made by yourself or edited from sent-in video reviews from customers. Customer-made content comes across as very authentic and is highly trusted by the public.

‘Vox pop’ or man-in-the-street surveys

Stop people in the street, ask them a couple of questions about your product or the problems they have that your product meets the need of. Film it, make a great sales video!

Outside broadcast crew - Video Business Ideas

Product comparison

These videos can really highlight the differences between your product features/benefits against the other alternative solutions that are available.

Top 10 list

Top 10 video lists are incredibly popular; how could you create one that would highlight your business? It could be your Top 10 products, Top 10 features or even Top 10 uses for…you get the idea. Just make sure that you try this one out!


2. Video ideas for internal business communications

In-house Promotions

Got a new sales drive or in-house competition for your staff? Announce it with video. The live-action and music combination is more powerful and energising than a memo or staff email. Generate the excitement you want within your organisation tight from the start.

Team updates

If you need to communicate to your team or department the latest successes and areas of improvement of the past month/quarter – do it with a video. Celebrate your wins and encourage development in an engaging way.

Photo portrait of colleagues - Video Business Ideas

Staff onboarding

When you bring on someone new, run them through some of the details with an onboarding video. This can be one longer induction or broken down into bite-size pieces, covering topics such as company values, important information and orientation (meet the team – with photos or quick intro interviews).

Team building

The sky’s the limit for possibilities for teambuilding videos – from training and incentives to a recap of last month’s day out together.


Training videos are a great way to pass on knowledge, either complete training sessions or a useful diversion time to time as a part of a longer live presentation.


3. Video ideas for marketing communications

Promotion launch

If you are announcing a new promotion, price, sale or competition, make sure you use video.

Adverts are far more engaging if they are moving – and don’t forget to cover your website or sales platform too.

Man holding table tennis balls - Corporate Event Video

Unboxing video

Videos of a customer unpacking a new product for the first time are incredibly popular and gain huge followings on YouTube. Create your own using either a customer or product reviewer and realise the value of this new style marketing.

Event sponsor promotion

If you are sponsoring an event, make sure they highlight your best side! Have a sponsor video ready which showcases your business; to customise it, you can top and tail it with specific footage shot especially for the event, with a reusable main section.

Event promotion

If you are organising an event – even an online one – then use video to promote it and get the word out there – read more here about ways to use video to promote your event.

Sales pitch

Got a great sales pitch? Video it! A great introduction to your business or a reminder to leave with a prospective customer after you have met with them. Video can also be a part of your pitch in many circumstances.

Community care work

If your company supports a local charity or other good cause, make a film about it and show it on your website; explain why you do what you do and ask others to join in and support if they can.

Product explainer video

What need does your product meet? How does it solve your customers’ problems? Tell them in a video – demonstrate it and let them see how it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for.

‘This is us’ videos

Aside from product videos, how about one that focusses on your business as a whole? Or one that discusses your customer service, delivery or indeed, any other part of your company? The more your customer knows about you, the more they feel they know you, and this generates sales.

Woman with colleagues - Video Business Ideas

Social media promotion

Promote yourself across all social media platforms with video. Facebook (and Facebook cover video), Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, cross-platform advertising…etc


Make a testimonials video with some of your customers. Different from a product-review video, this has customers talking about your company, and your service. Think ‘moving pictures’ Trustpilot and you’ll be along the right lines.


If you already have a blog on your website, then start filming it sometimes, as well as writing it. Video blogging (vlogging) is a powerful marketing tool and has limitless applications – plus you can embed links to articles or products within the video, so a viewer can click on a link while watching. Video is great for engagement and interaction – read more about immersive video and other marketing trends here.

Microphone and PC screen - Video Business Ideas

Team member interview

You may have a ‘face’ of your business, but introduce the rest of your team to the world. Show customers the people behind the product/emails/service dept with a series of short interview or introduction videos. Give your brand a human face.

Webinar invitation

Organising a webinar? Market it with video and you can give a taster of what it will be like; introduce the presenters in the run-up to the event and show customers what they can expect. This is a great way to drive excitement and interest.

Expert interview

Interview an expert in your field if it relates to your product or business in any way; what are the issues in your market and how does the expert feel those needs can be met? (Hopefully, by buying your product or engaging your company’s services).

Behind the scenes

These videos show how your product is made, can demonstrate the quality of it (either by showing manufacture or quality testing, for example) or any part of the story of your company, how it developed, how it operates now. ‘This is us’ videos show who you are – behind the scenes videos show how it all happens.

Man making a guitar - Video Business Ideas

Seasonal Promotion

Don’t forget about seasonal events and holidays! Christmas, Halloween, Easter plus a hundred others. Make a video to pass on greetings to your customers, launch a seasonal promotion or just remind them that [insert the next seasonal event] is coming up and it’s time to think about gift purchases.


33 business video ideas – That’s a wrap!

So that is all 33 – there are plenty more, but these should keep you busy for a while.

Although we grouped them, almost all the categories are mix-n-match and this list is meant to be a starting point – an encouragement to get you thinking creatively.

Video production used to be reserved for larger corporations with huge budgets and too much time on their hands – that is certainly no longer true.

What is still true though, is that a poorly made video will do your company more harm than good, so find a visual media company you can trust, with a track record and a portfolio you can see for yourself.

Splento has videography professionals around the world, and a great portfolio you can see online. For more examples – and further details – contact Splento today.

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Try out some of these 33 business video ideas you can actually use – start today and be sure to let us know how you get on – or if you need any help or advice, just ask!


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