The pros and cons of using Artificial Intelligence for event planning  Event planning and AI - a marriage made in cyberspace?


Artificial intelligence (AI) for event planning is constantly adapting and evolving. Event planning and AI have a strong bond due to the help that artificial intelligence can offer to event planners. Artificial intelligence can help speed up the process of event planning and can be an efficient event-planning tool. 

Artificial intelligence does not have to be a scary technological advancement to deal with and is, instead, often highly straightforward. 

Carry on reading for an overview of how AI is affecting the event industry, including the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence for event planning purposes. 


AI for events: How to incorporate artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence changes meaning across industries as the way that artificial intelligence is used switches and changes. Looking at a few examples of AI voice generator in events we can identify technology that understands and responds to words – exactly like Siri and Cortana! 

If you are wondering how to introduce AI into your corporate event, you are first of all going to want to establish your reasons for wanting to do so. There are many reasons why AI is increasingly important for event planning including: 


Event planning and AI


How does AI affect the event industry?

Networking opportunities 

AI is a useful tool for improving networking. It can provide suggestions for effective networking events, including buyer-seller and peer-to-peer.

Matchmaking software is a great tool to use as an event planner because it interprets your attendees’ crucial information for you, saving you the time and effort of sifting through their personal information manually. This can ensure that your attendees have a list of people that match their networking interests and will likely increase the success of the networking event for them.


Attendee communication  

AI is useful for events in the form of chatbots. Chatbots offer open dialogue to your attendees, saving you time by answering attendees’ questions for you in real time. There are drawbacks to the use of chatbots, for instance, they are not always 100% accurate, but they will certainly save you time! 

AI can also help in the way of communication through translation services. Translation services can help you to remove language barriers at your event and therefore make your event more accessible to a wider group of people.  


Improve the overall event planning process

AI technology can also improve, and speed up, your planning process overall. There are so many elements that go into event planning that any little help that makes the planning process easier is appreciated. AI can sort through complex data at a much faster speed!


Artificial Intelligence in event planning


Reduced costs 

Using AI for large quantities of the event planning process can reduce the costs associated with hiring somebody for event planning. AI can allow you, as an event planner, to concentrate on the more intricate elements of your work, which also, of course, increases the efficiency of the event planning process. 

An obvious downside to all this, however, is that it can potentially take away jobs and the offering of employment to more people in the events industry, but this does come down to application and planning. A more efficient workflow, enhanced by AI, does not necessarily mean less work; it can mean the same number of people working more efficiently, which reflects an increase in profitability.


Artificial intelligence for event planning is definitely not going away, so if you are an event planner it is probably time that you get yourself acquainted with how the two interact. 

As this article has demonstrated, event planning and AI can work together to not only enhance your attendees’ experience of your event but also to make the event planning process easier for you as an event planner. 

As with many other industries, artificial intelligence is in the future of event planning!

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