The importance of conducting threat assessments for corporate events How threat assessments reports can help your event planning


Corporate events and conducting threat assessments go hand in hand. If you are an event planner or planning a corporate event, whether a conference, a trade show or an exhibition, you will be required to conduct a Threat and Risk Assessment. 

Conducting a Threat and Risk Assessment is of great importance not only to protect the safety of your attendees but also to prevent irreparable damage to you and your company’s reputation in hosting future events. 

Read on for an overview of threat assessments and practices for incorporating threat assessments into event planning. 


Conducting threat assessments


What is a threat assessment and why is it important for corporate events?

A Threat and Risk Assessment is used to identify, assess, and prevent different types of threats to corporate events. This process is set to prevent, or as a starting point reduce, the number of threats and risks that can occur at corporate events. 

Threat and Risk Assessments enable you to thoroughly review any potential risk through a considered process, ensuring that your corporate event runs smoothly and without security concerns.

They enable you to anticipate and therefore avoid foreseeable hazards. 

Threat and Risk Assessments can help to protect the business hosting the event from any liability. This is because the various risks associated with your event will be identified and there is time for the event planner to cater for and manage any of these potential risks and/or threats.


Practices for incorporating threat assessments into event planning

You can incorporate threat assessments into your event planning using four threat and risk assessment steps. 

What are the four steps of threat and risk assessment? 

    • Distinguish the essential assets of your event

This should include examining access to your business accounts, any confidential information or employee’s sensitive data. 

    • Identity any possible insider threats

These are threats that come from within your organisation, or are carried out by legitimate users of your system, but have negative connotations. Threat assessment examples include sensitive data disclosure and misusing or deleting data.

    • Prioritise the risks present 

Part of your event planning should include determining which risks are the biggest threat to your event and prioritising these. A thorough threat assessment should assess how critical the threat is, the likelihood that it will occur, and flag any system vulnerabilities. 

    • Create a risk assessment report

When you have done a thorough analysis of the risks and threats to your event you can produce a comprehensive report. This risk and threat report can then be examined and referred to during the event planning process and will allow you to adjust your risk management approach if needed.

Corporate events


Benefits of regularly conducting threat assessments 

The obvious benefit of regularly conducting threat assessments is that you are minimising any potential hazards of your event. If you have considered the potential risks and threats associated with your event beforehand then you have given yourself the opportunity to take suitable precautions.

Additionally, risk assessments and management are legal requirements so even though you will personally see the benefits of conducting the assessment, they are also mandatory practice. It is important to be able to show that you were on top of your threat management during the event planning process. Proper documentation is needed for this so having a thorough risk assessment report will tick this box.

Regularly conducting threat assessments can also help with your budgeting. If you are aware of the severity and chances of a threat or hazard occurring then you can budget accordingly for all similar events. 

In summation, corporate events and conducting threat assessments go hand in hand in order to protect both your event attendees and your business, and make suitable safety precautions.


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