The impact of 5G on event technology and connectivity What does the new network promise, and how can this be used in your events?


Event technology developments are causing significant developments in the events industry, and the appearance of the new 5G network is accelerating this at a fast pace.

Technology and event management are working together as 5G continues to come online. Event technology has been at the forefront of revolutionising the events industry, but 5G is here to make that transition even more seamless. 5G is increasing the connectivity and access to the events industry in new and exciting ways.

Below we will explore how 5G will transform live events and improve the overall connectivity of the events industry. 


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What is the 5G network? 

The 5G network is the most up-to-date – 5th-generation – mobile network. We have seen 3G develop into 4G and are now witnessing 4G being replaced by 5G! The 5G network offers an upgrade in speed and bandwidth in comparison to the earlier versions and so it is expected to dominate how we use the internet very soon! 

5G offers the possibility to receive downloads up to 10x faster than current 4G networks.

The benefits of the 5G network as a whole include greater connectivity, intense speed, and lower latency.


How 5G will transform the event industry

The impact of 5G on the events industry is set to be unprecedented. The way that events technology is used will be greatly transformed by the presence of the 5G network and here are just some of the ways: 


Better live streaming 

Live streaming is a big current technology trend in the events industry. The rise of 5G is also helping to enhance this trend. 

5G improves live streaming as a phenomenon by providing a much higher quality video stream with less lag and fewer delays! This can provide a much more enjoyable event experience for your attendees. Having a better-quality live stream will likely persuade more people to attend your event virtually because it is much more akin to attending in person. 


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Enhanced VR (virtual reality)

VR’s potential at events is limited only by imagination – and mobile connection speed.

5G offers some amazing visual interactions between attendees and their mobile devices, which across a fast network can captivate the crowd, enhance their experience and encourage interaction on an unprecedented scale.

With 5G, the sky’s the limit when it comes to involving attendees via their smartphones.


Greater safety and security 

Event safety is always a priority when hosting events. The greater connectivity that 5G provides can also work to optimise safety at your event. Fast and quick communication across the event can help keep security staff, medical staff and first responders in close and fast contact if needed. 

Security alerts can also be issued on a faster basis with the high-speed connection that 5G provides.


High-Definition event video marketing 

The impact of 5G on event marketing is set to be colossal. Video marketing is currently very popular and considered a high form of marketing. With the rise of 5G networks, video marketing is only set to keep on exploding in popularity!

5G networks mean that more attendees will be able to access your marketing videos in high definition. If potential attendees are impressed by the quality of your event marketing then they are much more likely to be attracted to attend your event. 


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No more unreliable WiFi

During your events, and depending on how many attendees are at your events, the demand for Wi-Fi connection can get intense. Too much demand can slow down the Wi-Fi connection for your attendees. 5G, however, has superior efficiency, meaning that you do not have to worry that connection to the internet at your event will fail your attendees.  


If you are responsible for technology and event management then it is time to start working on your event planning to adapt to the arrival of the 5G network.

You should start to plan how 5G will enhance your attendees’ experience at your events. If 5G is readily available in your area, then seeing how this will enhance your events alongside your current event technology should become a priority.

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