10 Useful Apps and Tools for Event Managers

10 Useful Apps and Tools for Event Managers


As a professional event manager you should keep up with times and realize the influence of Social media at your work. Here is the list of tools that will not only help you plan your event, but broadcast it to the world.


  1. AllSeated

Popular among wedding planners, AllSeated allows you to create guest lists, visual seating charts, venue plans and much more. You are also able to collaborate with your team with the app.

  1. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an impressive spreadsheet with live collaboration functions and communication tools. Users have described it as “Excel on steroids” because of it’s kick-ass features! It could certainly come in handy for those event managers wanting to keep track of budgets.

  1. Asana

According to users, Asana is a very powerful app that allows you project manage for any sized team. It can be used either on the web, IOS or Android smartphones and can be integrated with other applications such as Slack, Dropbox and Google Sheets.

  1. Whova Event Management Software

A lot of apps for event managers are only good for a specific area in planning, but Whova in an exception! It’s all-in-one event management tool that will assist with everything – from tickets to e-mail campaigns.

  1. Trello

This app is for anyone who needs a well-structured “to-do list”. Trello is a great way of organising and managing tasks in order of priority and type. Each member of your team can view and can make changes to your to-do-lists, which makes planning and task delegation much easier. With its simple interface and comfort of use, Trello is the obvious choice for event managing.


  1. XSplit Free

XSplit designed for live video and videogame streaming. It’s a great choice for event managers who want to broadcast their your events to the public because it offers a variety of paid package options so you can pick the one that best fits your budget.

  1. YouNow

YouKnow is a free app that works with any smartphone, computer or tablet. You will have more social media reach if you decide to go live on YouKnow, because of it’s younger generation of users. It’s easy to use, even if you have never dealt with live streaming before.

  1. Bambuser

Bambuser is very similar to YouKnow, however there are more paid options available, which costing around £45 per month. And like YouKnow, Bambuser allows you broadcast from smartphones.

  1. Open Broadcaster Software

OBS is a free, open source for live streaming of videos, games, images and audio, which can assist you nicely when sharing content either prior, during, or after events.

  1. Splento Live Images

Splento offers live images, delivered to you online, so that you can share the highlights of your event with your social media followers, as and when they happen – increasing your engagement ratings by 500%! Learn more about this by contacting us on support@splento.com.