10 Useful Websites and Blogs for Event Managers


Being an event manager is not easy. It involves creativity, organisation and meticulous time management. However, sometimes, even the best of us need a bit of help and inspiration. That’s why Splento’s created this list of useful websites and blogs in the hope that it will help you smash the event you plan!

1.   Event Industry News

If you are looking for news from the biggest events in the UK, for example, festivals or big sporting events – Event Industry News is for you. Read by everyone; from event organisers, promoters and managers, to suppliers, production companies and booking agencies, this publication will keep you in the know about everything there is to know about organising events.

2.   Eventbrite

How can we write about useful event management tools and sites without mentioning Eventbrite? It’s not just a site, it’s a platform that is designed to help you seamlessly plan and book your next event. They also have a great blog where you can get tips, advice and industry news on how to manage events effectively.

3.   Event Magazine

Event magazine provides the latest news on events, brand campaigns, agencies, suppliers, bloggers and trends. Their blogs are also full of information, inspiration and advice for event managers.

4.   Bonjour Events

If you need ideas for an upcoming event, just visit Bonjour Events. Its useful features, such as venue search, event planning templates, vendor listings and inspiring content are sure to give you a helping hand in the event planning process, especially when it comes to weddings.

5.   Conferences That Work

The founder of Conferences That Work: Adrian Segar educates and provides you with everything you need to know about organising memorable conferences. If you specialise in this type of event or just want to learn more, you should definitely visit this site

6.   Techsy Talk

Not sure about using Snapchat to market your event? Then you must visit Techsy Talk. This site will keep you up-to-date on the latest event technology trends and how to use them to increase your engagement rates.

7.   Sternberg Clarke

Sternberg Clarke can help you take you can wow your attendees; from a party in a bar to a wedding in a castle with their bespoke entertainment packages. Their blog also provides tips and interesting anecdotes from the event industry as well as great ideas on how you can add some theatrical spirit to your event.

8.   Tagvenue Blog

If you want to keep your finger on the industry’s pulse, you should follow this blog. Here, you can find out about the latest trends and ideas from experts in event management

9.   Team Challenge

These guys specialise in team building activities and corporate events. But they also have a great blog where you can find lots of tips and tricks about creating an event that professionals will want to attend.

10.   Splento Blog

Splento’s blog provides a variety of content about business, photography and the event industry, including tips on content creation, event planning and photography tricks. Read ‘11 Great Hacks Every Event Planner Needs to Try Right Now’ here.

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